A New Beginning

Hello World! I guess it’s time for a change. Been marking down my thoughts and life journals on jellybeenie for the longest 5 years! Wouldn’t say I’m bored, but more of me being the kind of person who clings on to my past more than my present/future which is a BIG nono. And they always say, ‘The key to change is to let go of fear’. So I guess life doesn’t get better by any chance, but more of a change.

I might/might not go back there to write (if I get too comfy here hehe) but I don’t think I’ll be deleting the blog. It’s filled with too much emotions and thoughts, and lots of memories (good and bad). It will be fun going back to it to read now and then. Or maybe laugh at some silly stuff I did (:

Till the next time, this is my new home for now.

Enjoy the last of your weekend! :>

P.S. The name jellybeenie isn’t because I love to eat jellybeans!



      1. I don’t know leh. I think wordpress just installed the follow functions like tumblr. It’s at the top left of the page. No idea how that works though!

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