Just wondering

How would you celebrate your 21st birthday?

Big/small? Party/no? Club/dinner? … …



  1. Celebrate it with the people you love the most; family and friends. It’s a day which you’ll remember your entire life. (trust me) Personally, big parties will make you feel uneasy cause you want to be with everyone but you got to jump from one group to another, so maybe a smaller party will be easier. You don’t have to worry about a group feeling left out.

    For me I had it in my house with all my close friends, about 20-30 people came? ( & you didn’t come ): ) It wasn’t anything big yet small. So how you planning to do yours?

  2. HIIII LAURA! Before I say anything, I’m still rly sorry SORRY sorry I couldn’t attend you 21st ): I remember having a game then. Sheesh. Next year onwards, I’ll be there!!!

    Anyways, yes I really agree with you. Too big a party will leave many groups feeling left out :/ But yknow, sometimes I’m afraid if I make it small, some friends who aren’t invited might feel offended.

    Well, talkin’ about my birthday. It’s less than a month, and I got no plans! ): Am really busy with exams and stressed…. And my brother and dad is overseas on my birthday. Everything gone wrong. Haha. Not very sure what is gonna happen, but if there is anything, you’ll have to come! (:

  3. Don’t worry about it sweetie! Just haven’t seen you in agessss!

    Well first you should sort of the different groups you have, miss popular. You could have a huge ass party wherever one is invited or maybe you can do different things with different groups. You should start planning, especially the location. I’m sure things will turn out great 🙂 Think positive. Do something with your family before they leave.

    1. I guess I will have it belated with my family. And simple. (: Maybe no party, but we can meet for lunch! With amanda and debrah too. Saw debs a few times at town though. Haven’t seen you guys for ages, really miss our SAC days. And fullerton days. Heehee.

      1. Yes, would love to meet you for lunch, dinner or night out. Fullerton days seemed years ago! Hope to see you real soon 🙂

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