Our Big 1

“There comes a time in every life we find the heart we’re looking for.” – LeAnn Rimes

It felt like we have been together for so long, its only our first anniversary. Unlike many of our special occasions where we went overseas or many big surprises here and there, we made a promise not to give each other anything. As his other half, i’ll be stupid to believe that he’d hold his promise so of course, I had my master plan ready. (;

At midnight, he surprised me with a rose.

“One rose for our first anniversary.” Yeap. I told him, wait till we turn 99 years old! Hahahaha. If we even live that long…

Our perfect simple lunch

It was definitely a delicious, mouth-savouring meal. Simple and good. I don’t need any buffet or fine dining. We just spent our day eating and watching hongkong movies on the couch. So I was right, he made dinner plans. Thank God I didn’t come up with anything that day. Smarty pants me, made plans for the following day instead. Ha!

Guess where did we go for dinner!

Nice view?

I had to close my eyes the moment I sat in the car haha. And suddenly, had to come out of the car just when I was about to doze off cos’ of the valet parking. Without warning, this indian driver opened my door and gave me a shocked. Then I knew where we were.


I haven’t been here before but I’ve heard of it and I never thought I’d be here dining that day! It’s a prestigious restaurant where you will have the sense of expectation, dining at a height of 226 metres above ground, giving you a panoramic view over the whole Singapore! (not very sure if I can see Malaysia or Indonesia) It’s located on the 70th floor and I couldn’t stop popping my ears when I was in the lift. The lift that takes you up there is super duper fast – said to reach in 30 seconds or so.

And what surprises me even more, he booked the window table. “Extra charges for window table sir” Up there my baby! One thing I like about fine dining is that you’ll never grow fat from the food judging from the small portions. And for a person like me who likes anything that looks good, fine dining always decorates my food in a very pretty, pleasing way.

Foie Gras with strawberry

This is realllyyy good, but I forgot what’s this called.

It’s a thai dish with fresh crab.

Medium rare steak – Very very nicely cooked

I forgot what was this called, but yea, it’s duck.

Sorry for the very blur pixelated photos. I forgot to bring my camera out that day :/ Wrong day not to have a camera, having such a beautiful view. It was a good night out. We caught a movie after that – Shark Night! Such thrilling sharky movies never fail to keep me on the edge of my seat!


Sunday came, my turn for surprise! Little did he know that our little quick-nic at Sentosa came with a whole lot of motives. However, it was rush hour for us, thanks to the little pigs in us who slept in till so late!

Oh I brought my Dora in a bag! 😀 Love it.

Surprise starts now!

We went for lunch at Taste of Singapore. It was ala carte buffet. Goodness me, their portions are HUGEMONSTEROUS. I think normally a plate would have got me full already, but since I paid for buffet…. Being a Singaporean, it’s not worth it to just eat one plate right?!

2 out of 8 dishes we ate. I repeat, EIGHT.

Then, it’s the Cable car!

It’s been very long since I took the cable car and I think I’m getting even more afraid of heights as I grow older ): When the cable car took off, I was at the edge of my seat, clinging onto Sailorboy so tight. But after awhile, I guess I held on lesser. Had to enjoy the moment, rather than sitting at the edge of my seat.

And finally, the last of my surprise for the night. Ok, not a big surprise but just because he thought cable car was the last and he haven’t watch this before so…

Song of the sea!

If you haven’t watch this before, I recommend you to watch. It’s a very short show and makes the money really worth it. Anyways, that sums up the day. All tired, gettin’ ready for Monday Blues. And marks the end of playtime, back to mugging.

Exams in a weeks time! Turning 21 in two and a half weeks’ time!



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