Exam blues


Never would I have thought I would experience these exam stress and mugging all over again ever since I finished O’levels. In Polytechnic, I had minimal studying and maximum PLAY and rugby. I must have been in my dreams then – getting grades without studying.

University is way tougher than secondary school and what’s worst, taking a course that isn’t much of my interest – hate numbers, hate maths. I love literature, love writing, love talking, love words. I really miss Mass Comm. Alright, but then again, Mass Comm has its own complains and loads of disgusting timelines. Well, everyone always complain about whatever they are doing and is never satisfied with whatever they do – that’s life!

Marketing is good, I would love to do advertising. Design? Writing? Ideas? But right now, accounting and economics is killing me. Stress + Vicky = Trouble I have been having sleepless nights and despite sleeping so late already, my sleep will end disruptly early in the morning at 7am. It will be good if I can go back to sleep but like today, instead of sleeping, failing to do so, I went to run around the block and another reality hit me – my fitness is crap! ); almost died from the run and I never felt more than a stranger to exercise.

6 more days to my first paper!
Then it’s gonna be a week till the end of exams!

I’m so gonna need a lot of tanning sessions and a lot of exercise to look normal.
Hate my chicken skin and my sexy loose flabs! Meanwhile, I’m on the way back for steamboat! Gonna put back whatever I lost this morning. Haha. What’s new? I’m too glued to food! No food = D;

Hope your week is good so far! It’s Wednesday, which means… 2 more days to TGIF! So hang in there if you’re having a bad week so far. There will be sunshine after the rain 😉


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