Departure Hall

So, my brother is going Bangkok for close to a month. Envy him, Thailand is love. He’s going there for muay thai, training with one of the school and staying with them. I hope he comes back, loving to eat chilli. (Or at least LEARN to eat chilli so we can have kangkong or chilli crab for family dinners heehee)

It’s a very early Friday morning. And as usual, I’m bad at mornings. I haven’t been introduced to time management but I am no stranger the consequences. Wallet = $0. We had KFC breakfast – sucks. I wanted Macs so much, but Terminal 1 only had KFC :/

More photos, and it was time to said goodbye for 3 weeks!

Brother and Chelsea

His friend going together with him

Neck pain still wanna go fight… Stubborn runs in the family (;

Oh, so as Willybaby wasn’t able to send my brother off due to work. He lend my brother this pouch for safe keeping important stuff. It was hilarious when my brother tried to put it on. He actually put it on from his legs upwards, like how a girl would wear her pants. It had CLIPS. It was meant to be clipped on. We laughed so hard, he was just being a bimbo!

And btw, it was meant to be worn inside -.-

So it was goodbye!

Aww (:

I have been skyping with him through my ipad and his computer. I wonder if he has already tried tom yum! Haha! So excited to eat chilli, cos’ his current reaction of eating chilli is terrible. Just alittle bit, his fire alarm rings and calls for 5 glasses of water.

Ok, need to go back to my books. Exam in 2 days, and I’m already sick like a dog. I slept without air-con yesterday with a long sleeve shirt, long pants and hoodie sweater – yet, I didn’t even have a drip of perspiration on me! Today, I’m very drowsy and with this nice-sleepy weather, it didn’t work out well studying. I need all the luck tomorrow. Meanwhile, I wanna end off with ‘picture of the week’! ;D

“Buuuhh…..” – BYE! (;


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