It pays to be a bully

I was watching this show last night while I took my mind off the books. It’s about victims who find their bullies and challenge their bullies to fight in the ring against professional fighters. If they can make it out of the ring without tapping out, they win $10 000! Every tap out cost them $1000, and it will go to the ‘victims’ or rather the guys whom they bullied. The host of this show is really suitable for it! He’s so… irritating (on the good side) haha. Reminds me of jackass! It made me laugh so much at those bullies who acted big and tough. You have to go watch this!

One of the reason why I’m a big fan of KIX channel 😀

Alright, exam big day is tomorrow! :/ I’m really unprepared. And I don’t know if it is because of my period or not, I am eating so much now. I feel hungry every minute and crave for stuff easily now. Horrible habits! Need to shed some weight before I turn 21.

Have a good Sunday!


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