Mid-week, 2 more papers!


Just ended my first university paper on Monday. Oh my goodness. 3 hours 15 mins of writing is no joke. Neck ache, hand ache and there is like a thousand people squeezing in the exam hall which leaves so little table/chair space for you. I couldn’t even stretch my legs or cross them. Really couldn’t wait to get out of that hall!

The paper was ok. I hope the results show how I felt about the paper (as you know how we always feel so good about our exam paper when it ended in secondary school but when our report book comes back…. Good game) I’m left with 2 more papers! Marketing and economics. Can’t believe they can put papers on Saturday. Spoiler. But I can’t wait for everything to be over! Economics….. Really struggling with it and hoping I can find someone who can give me a good crash course. I don’t wanna dapao! :@

It’s Thursday already! Happy Deepavali yesterday! 🙂 I had really good briyani and chicken/mutton/fish masala. SO DAMN GOOD. Putting back all the calories I tried to lose the night before. Talking about the night before, willybaby, xinghua and I went night cycling. I can’t believe it took us 5 hours and I only reach home at 6am! We cycled from Sembawang to woodlands and to Thomson! I thought it was near……. When I reached Chong pang, I thought we should just supper there, (haha typical me being a loser) The uphill was a killer. Not fun at all. Oh but when I reached prata house, the moment my teeth sank into my banana chocolate prata, I felt like the luckiest girl on earth! 😀 it’s the moment when you are rewarded for your really hard work that makes the food so damn good.




On the way back, we met with an interesting accident. Ok, firstly, we are really lucky we took a pitstop before. Apparently, when we were approaching this bus stop, we saw a car already crashed onto the pavement with the huge lamp post crashed onto it! We stopped to see if anyone was hurt inside but whats weird, NOBODY was inside. I got photos but I don’t think I should post them up. It was a very very bad crash and the driver should be very hurt. Then this guy walked around the car, talking to a phone.., then he saw the front of the car and said “Oh SHIT! This is damn bad!” I asked him if he’s the friend of the driver, he said, “This is my dad’s car! the driver!”

I immediately took a quick look at him from head to toe and asked if he was okay or injured anywhere. Even taxi drivers all stopped to ask if he’s okay. He is completely fine! Apparent he was sleeping and you know, you can never get injured if you are sleeping. Thank God for him that the lamp post didnt crash into he drivers seat, if not he would be talking to us in a perfect clean state. Anws, the whole conversation was funny. He plays touch rugby too! Small world. We left after.

Total distance covered…. 30km? I’m so proud of myself. I’m not fit enough, but definitely determination can get you somewhere. That’s my story for the day! Hope everyone’s doing good so far. Friday is coming! 🙂 and if you have exams like me, hang in there!

Back to my books now!



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