Hello November :*)

It’s the first of November!!! Yay!

I have 101 reasons to be happy and excited for today. Okay, maybe just a few (hahaha I’m exaggerating). I’m turning 21 in 7 days! Forever 21 (: Today also marks the LAST day of exams. Economics was tough and I have no clue what’s going on in the module but yeah, I hope I did fairly well for my paper. Screwed up my Marketing of Principles and just hoping they moderate our papers if not I’m dead. Accounting is pretty okay, got a HD for my assignment which gives me a head start! (; First HD for school! Yay? Motivation came alittle too late though.

Had only 2 hours of sleep last night before waking up at 7am this morn’ to rush to school. My friends wanted redbull so I bought 5 cans, and damn, it gave me a bad sugar-rush and got my heart beating too fast out of a sudden during my paper till’ my hands were shaking. Not a very good sign huh? But I was busy rushing my paper, since it was cut down to 2 hours instead of 3!

Having to mug and have the ‘though of studying’ in my head for the past month, it feels weird that I actually have nothing to do or rather, no guilt or stress that I actually don’t have to study. But yay, IT’S HERE :> I can hardly believe it.

Lunch at Old airport road then it was some good time at KTV! We had so much fun there, screaming out lungs. My energy were all used up there. It’s just an appetizer for the start of my holidays!

Now, what I really need is – Sleep.

Time for the bed now. zZZZZzzzzZzzz…

Happy November to everyone! Hope you had a great start too!


P.S. I hope Sailorboy is doing fine, though I know it has been stressful for him. Wished I could do more for him though… Love him infinity. ❤

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