Happy Birthday to me

My 21st birthday was an unexpected one. Didn’t expect anything, especially not a SURPRISEEEEEE birthday party. Ha!

So willybaby and I was having a simple lunch at home, watching zookeeper on my laptop and suddenly he switched to the “rush” mode. He insisted on the ‘you-are-a-robot-so-do-what-i-say’ so he kept pretending he was pressing on a remote while commanding me to do something and I have to do it. “Change in 5 seconds” ……… I tell you, it was a mad rush! He said we were going somewhere nice to have dinner so I had to dress up. In the car, I had to close my eyes and sing my S Club 7 song “You’re my number 1”.

When I opened my eyes, it was Orchid Country Club! And suddenly my brother appeared next to my car window, gave me a shock! Ass. He and Chelsea escorted me to somewhere and both of them refused to talk to me despite the countless of questions I asked them! The both of them stopped at different doors and knocked them, for a moment, I was like shit. One of them is gonna be wrong. Then when chelsea’s door opened, I was so scared it was the wrong door. When I went in, I expected to see my mom and maybe Cody with my cake (since my bro and chelsea was there already) but no….


SO MANY PEOPLE. I couldn’t see clearly cos’ the sunlight behind them made their faces very dark. They gave me a shocked, I ran away from the door until I saw bel who came out. Damn. It got me. So much food on the table, missing 2 sashimi boxes hahaha, so much candies! And the cadbury finger bites + candy canes that were missing from willybaby’s house was there! HAHAHAHA. Nice one, honey. And whenever the doorbell ring, it was like surprise guest at the door. (:

Shall just let the photos do the talking.


I superduper love this!!! ♥

Love these cream puffs too!

My 21st key cake!

♥ Sailorboy

A very nice surprise (:

Luvvvv! Omg. I’m surprised they came!


Sarah’s boyfriend Hahaha. I was so funny, cos’ Sarah told her daddy her boyfriend is here! And her daddy said, “Ask him come and see me.” HAHAHA

We played SHOT PONG till 3am. HAHAHHAHAHA.

Owen’s drunk. Spilling so much salt!

Puppy eyes

This huge cricket was here to wish me Happy Birthday. It was on top of our bed and willybaby told me it was a moth! Now it found its way to the toilet. Ha. He burned it with the hot water after.

My room

Another room

Nice view

Great sun the next day, we went for swimming! Love it!

Byebye. It was an awesome birthday. Thanks to my love. He’s way too awesome! How can I not love him more? (: I’m so thankful for all his efforts and… really, everything!

Once 21, Forever 21.

Shall end my post here. Too many birthdays this month. Till next time!


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