Hubby’s Bird Day Partayeee ♥

November is the month of celebrations! *throws party poppers^^confetti*

I have double the number of friends’ whose birthday falls in the same month as mine. And yesterday night, it was my beloved hubby Claudia’s Birthday! (Early birthday actually…. Can’t believe I’m older than her!)

I love her party, everything is so pretty even the birthday girl (: Pink utensils was my top favourite! With the pretty rainbow shizzles at the center. Colourful cupcakes… Cute moustache goodie cups.

Love her cake! 21st is always so glam and pretty. Too bad we can only turn 21st once in a lifetime. Haha.

My present to claudia … Hehe and self-wrapped. (I tried kkk!) Bought my hubby this incredibly HUGE cupcake baking mould for her to bake for me. Hahaha. Hope she likes it!!

Army boy and beauty dee!

Puisan & Oats (Love oat’s brows!)

Reggie momma

Hahaha this was hilarious!

Happy Birthday hubby! Love you so much. Never thought I will be close to this awesome eggtart! Hahaha. Used to see her as ‘Miss Sixteen’ on school field as a junior of hers. But surprisingly, we somehow got ‘married’! Anws, I miss playing with her together on the field and having so much laughter and disagreements at the same time. Hope I recover soon so that I can play with you on the field again!



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