Homies’ JB trip!

Just last week, I went to JB with my homies! (My group of awesome university friends) They didn’t turn up for my surprise party so hence, we had this JB trip (: Brianbits introduced us to an awesome friend of his, who drove us around Malaysia. So as usual, first stop of Singaporeans… City Square.

I mean this is like a typical Singaporean pit-stop in Malaysia. The nearest and the most accessible.

I didn’t bring my camera that day, but thank God for ger! So we went to walk around, eat and shop. Only ger and I got hooked on to Factory Outlet. Bought 2 tops for myself and 2 sexy bermudas for Sailorboy! Awesome stuff. Had to really dig and finding sizes for your boyfriend…. Not easy I would say. Thank God the guys could help me gauge the size for Willybaby.

Oh and everytime I go to city square, I will get caught in this shop selling dried snacks and food. I don’t know why I was the only one, but they all called me ‘aunty’ cos’ I went in and grab a basket immediately, shopping for “expensive” snacks (xy said). I didn’t know they were expensive cos’ I always buy my snacks there and the prices are about the same.

This picture really shows the unglam shopper side. But at least I get my fried jackfruit (;

A very “decent” photo of XY.

Going to City Square, you can’t miss the Secret Recipe there! It is the same price as Singapore… but in RM! That’s the best cos’ its like half of Singapore price if you buy them.


We didn’t have time to do massage or other stuff cos’ it was dinnertime by then since we set out pretty late in the evening. Brian’s friend drove us for a long 2 hours ride to our dinner place. When we passed by abandoned houses and we were all starving, someone said maybe we are gonna be kidnapped by his friend! Like how we watch in movies, tourists getting kidnap and all. It scared us for awhile until we saw our destination…

Seafood Village!

This seafood village is really special for us Singaporeans because it has internet connection and we could all tap into our Singtel and Singapore networks! His friend said because this village is by the sea, and what’s across the sea opposite us was Singapore, Sembawang Beach! That’s where my boyfriend stays! So near yet so far. Hahaha.

Really awesome clams with chilli

Salted egg prawns! Gives you orgasms..

Salted egg calamari!

It was too good, we couldn’t resist eating before taking a photo

THE BOMB. Chilli Crab. DUH?

And what are crabs without these! 😀

Dinner was so good, with beers and all… We were burping like a boomer after that. After dinner, they got me a surprise! Didn’t expect that at all.

“So Vicky… Since this is your birthday trip, we actually got a surprise for you.”

I wonder what’s inside…

The number of layers in my present got me tearing like nobody’s business and poor nelson was busy picking them up for me.

Still tearing….

I saw a Coach box! (hence the smile…. hehe)

AND a bigger smile cos’ I saw Chanel….

Award-winning photo – This is a classic expression of what I saw inside. Hehe. It’s a pair of CHANEL earrings 😀 What I always wanted!!!

Yay! I was indeed really happy and surprise by them. Having to know them for only a semester and they did this for me (: I’m really touched. Love my homies forever!

That sums up my short JB trip! Cannot wait for many more torturing semesters with them! Hahaha.




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