The Muppets

Watching Sesame street, Barney the purple dinosaur, The Smurfs and such old-school television shows bring back fond memories of my childhood. I remember watching all my favourite shows on tv in just my underpants and a singlet and being fed by my grandma. Such childhood shows are always great watching them when we are young and when we get older, its amazing how we still yearn to sit on the couch like a little kid, watching them all over again. What’s best is when these shows are open on big cinema screen, like the recent one which I loved so much – ‘The Smurfs’. It can never get better until I came across this on the internet and saw that…

The MUPPETS are going to the cinemas! 😀

I would love to watch them! I’m a big fan of them, they are like puppets-come-alive and I’m so amazed by how puppets can show their expressions so well. And not forgetting, they never fail to put a smile on my face! They are so funny!

My favourite character from the Muppets is…

Miss Piggy!

She is so glamorous and I love the way she dress, with all that glamour and shiny jewellery. People would never think a pig can get glamorous at all, but Miss Piggy proved it wrong. I really like her confidence and she is very determined in the show, as she is convinced that she is destined to be a superstar and to have fame and yet proves that nothing will get in her way. I like her strong character as she has this feminine charm and yet, when offended, she will get in an unwanted violent scary rage – especially to Kermit the Frog –  She gives her kisses to him whenever she’s offended and I find it funny. I really admire her because I love her dressing style although it is just a puppet but imagine if it is real life, ma-ma-mia! Fab Love!

Love the peacock skirt. Gosh.

Can’t wait for the movie to open!

Don’t forget to Catch The Muppets in cinemas this 8 December 2011 and like the Official Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page!

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