Early TGIF

YAY. Thursday finally ended and it already feels like a Friday for me (((: Slogged my day at BFF cineleisure today, the crowd suddenly grew and orders were all over the place! But it’s all good cos’ now that its over, I’m going for a road trip in a few hours (at 5am) to Port Klang, Malaysia. It’s a 6 hours drive, I have already stocked up my sour plums incase I get motion sickness. Heard they sell awesome bak kut teh and awesome food (+ Ramli Burgers)!!! Being such a foody person, how can I not be excited?!?!

Oh and next weekend is yet ANOTHER weekend travelling to the clear waters of Malaysia with friends! And my BFF matty will be there (: Yay! I kinda miss him every now and then when I see/hear things that reminds me of him.

Alright before I sleep, I would like to share this lovely cute photo of my ‘little brother’ and my best friend.

HAHAHA. Codyboy washing his mouth at the sink. He loves it and always bug me to let him drink from the hose or the tap. He’s so cute that sometimes it makes me forget his mischievous side! ^^

Have a good end to your week, readers!

Lots of love



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