Port Klang

Hi again, as you can see, I’m trying to set up my site and revamp everything here as I thought of taking my writing hobby seriously. The sudden thought of this came about after receiving my results yesterday. Yes, results. I’m currently studying something which ain’t so much of me. I love writing, I love what I did in Polytechnic. I love Mass Communication. And what got me thinkin’ is, what the hell am I doing with numbers?! (Hate numbers, big time!) Ok, yes business is a wider sector to penetrate into. So I decided to just bring my writing hobby up one level to my personal domain.

But currently, I’m stucked cos’ I do not know how to carry on from your own domain. Like ok, I bought my domain – What’s next?


SO… this is a pretty outdated post because I have been so busy with everything else, I hardly sat infront of my computer. Just 2 weeks ago, I went to Port Klang Malaysia with W and his family! I haven’t been anywhere in Malaysia except the common ones like JB, Malacca, KL and Genting. So this trip has been an eye opener for me.

It’s also my first trip overseas with W’s family and it was alot of fun! We met up with his relatives who lived there and went to their house where I saw 3 dogs, tied with metal chains to the tree. Wow, Singaporeans must really take their dogs very seriously. I think if I put my dog (Cody) there, he might not survive a week. It was a long long long drive up to PK. (Port Klang) and W’s dad took the whole 6 hours journey himself! We set off from home at 5am, reached only at 10am.

During our pit stop for toilet breaks… A coffee to keep us awake for the journey!

I loveeee this epic photo of Sean. So cute, so innocent!

Reached W’s uncle’s electrical appliances shop

We reached our first Bak kut teh shop! (BTW. PK’s Bak kut teh is so damn well-known, its impossible to miss it!)

So apparently, Singapore is missing the dried Bak Kut Teh. What a waste, cos THATS my favourite… comparing to the soup one but both’s good!

Sarah so happy with her sweets!

Have to take some tourist shots…

Went to the mall for shopping! It’s also called Jusco but apparently, this Jusco is really different from KL. In terms of size, it is as big and the shops are similiar. BUT the prices here are so cheap and so good…. Shopping is really a MUST. Can’t help feeling like the happiest girl on earth!

While shopping, the kids went missing into Macky’s. Hahaha. Called the “Shopping Snack”.

Time to let the kids have some of their time. Arcade was good! This game was hilarious… and very tiring!

And this is Princess Sarah, doing her manicure.

Following the footsteps of her mommy (;

Oh! And this shop is one of my favourite. They sell sour plums, sweets, biscuits and everything along those line. I love this because…

FREE SAMPLE EVERYWHERE. You are allowed to eat and “try” everything. Hahahaha. The kids loved it…. So did the adults!

Dinner was awesome steamboat!


It’s like Cheng Teng! Super duper shiok with the quail egg inside. I’m gonna try adding quail eggs into my cheng teng next time heehee

YUMSZZZZ family picture!

Breakfast – Bak Kut Teh. So far… The best I’ve ever tasted!

Guess where?


Ok, this horror scream park is LAST WARNING scary. It scared the shit out of me. I went in with W’s cousin, Catherine. Both of us were dead scared. But yet, disturbed by two italian guys who were out to try to ‘touch’ us whenever we are scared. Hate it when guys use such opportunities to do whatever. Cheap!

Anyways, in the horror walk, I was so scared that when they stopped and asked for the 3D glasses back at a point of time, I was shaking that I didn’t know the “ghost” just wanted my glasses back so I kept rejecting him and turned my back on him until Catherine told me he wanted my glasses. I was totally freaked out man.

Water boys! (:

The mini zoo inside was awesome! But sadly my camera was in the locker throughout.

Then it was pretty christmas lights outside… Picture time!

Their tako balls are nicer than the ones in Singapore! And they have unagi too.

Sarah and her foody mouth!

Green tea ice cream!

The indoor ice skating rim in the mall

And guess what we saw….


Night market with loads of food and shopping!

The SPICIEST hot dog I have ever tried….

It calls for two drinks, and my lips were still salivating continuously!


Guess what’s this next interesting food!

FRIED PORRIDGE. Haha how interesting can that be! But it’s not really my favourite. I prefer my porridge blend hehehe

During the night at 3am, one of W’s cousin brought back shiok desserts! I didn’t get to try much cos’ I already put my retainers on and I was lazy to go brush my teeth again. But it’s worth it. Super good.

Breakfast next day was Bak kut teh again. Last day for our BKT…. I miss the dry ones already!


And we met with an unexpected sale! Major sale!!!! Hence, the receipt….

Kai Ling and Kai Yun brought us around and introduced us to donuts at this cafe.

And the donuts are called, DONASHI. Hahaha. (sushi-donut)

It was delicious! Great for dessert. I always love bite-size snacks. Doesn’t seem like you’re eating alot and it’s so easy to eat.

Then we went over to pet lover. I know you would say, Singapore also have pet lover! But nono… Malaysia has more variety of pets and W always wanted to buy a “sugar glider”. That’s the only sane cute pet I can agree with his “I-want” List. His other animals he wished he could buy are like … scorpion, crocodile… and all the deadly animals which will most prolly kill me or just make me leave the house!

So we asked the lady if we could see the sugar glider!

She’s very nice. She wake the sugar glider up and allow me to take photos.

It moved really fast!

Cute? Yes. But it’s kinda worst than a dog. It needs more attention if not it will be suicidal. HAHA. I can totally imagine it taking out a leaf to slit its wrist :p

Then we went back to the sunglasses shop we visited on the first day. W’s sis and I had 3 days to consider and think about our branded sunglasses. I didn’t have any conclusion when I was there but ended up, falling in love with my Gucci glasses!

Yay! And look at W’s sis glamourous glasses! I think she look so pretty and young in it! Fashionable mom! 😀

Her first dior collection (;

Then we went to take photo in this ‘snow globe’ at the center of the shopping mall for RM5.

It was filled with feathers!

We went back to W’s relatives house to pack our stuff and take our car for home.

AND guess what we had for dinner that we have been waiting for the whole trip?!?!



Then we set off home. W drove the whole journey… *pats* That’s my boy!

It was a great trip! Enjoyed myself and got to see so many things (:

Sleep time now.



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