Hey sexy, it’s your bird day

Just not long ago, it was my 21st. Now it’s my dearest Sailorboy’s!

Well, his birthday falls on a Thursday, the 15th and I made 101 plans (surprises) for him, but had to cancel them as soon as he told me he couldn’t take leave for his birthday or the day after ): It’s a sad thing when you are protecting the country cos’ apparently the pirates and enemies will not take a break from attacking your country if they know it’s your birthday. Booooo!

So I had to think of some last minute “surprise-willy” mission.

So #1, the yellow thompson kids and I had a group chat to plan to surprise W. I planned for them to come over at midnight t surprise him at home cos’ I will be at his house and we won’t be going out for sure – thanks to zzzworkzzz. So they did! And XH made up this ‘food taste’ test. The best was what I encouraged for the “punishment” – BITTERGOURD JUICE. HAHAHAHA. He hates it TO THE MAX. His dad asked me to drink before and I did, but his dad had to chase him around the house to ask him drink and yet, failed! I’m sure he’s gonna thank me for the beautiful face he’s gonna have! (MORE b-eautiful, I mean)

#2. Yesterday was his actual birthday and he had to work. So I went home, went for my IPL and facial. Then met him. Before that, I actually decided to cook. Yes. Me.  Victoria cook. As much as everyone choose to believe I can’t cook, actually I can! (; But I choose not to cos’ I hate the trouble to wait for my food and there’s so much preparation! By the time I’m done cooking my food, I’m tired already and I would want my bed more. Ok, so plan was to buy groceries and cook. It took me 3 hours to cook!

I cooked pasta chicken bacon chilli, with heart-shaped turkey ham and cheesy sausage. Supposed to have oyster veggies but I was running late for my IPL & facial appointment so yeah.

Surprise dinner

Packed all the stuff and took the new-price cab to simei. After my appointment, we went to Changi Beach where we watch planes and eat our dinner in the car. I hoped he was surprised by dinner. Haha I told him I’d take him ‘out’ for dinner… Actually I pre-planned many old surprises before this new backup plan cos’ I thought he wouldn’t have work. Thank God for a brain that can think of surprises at the very last minute! :p

#3. Friday comes, it’s when I pull my masterplan. How can I ever let his birthday off so easily with just a normal homecooked meal from a girl who never cooks? I booked a room in Studio M. He had work so I was gonna secretly pack all his stuff and bring over for check-in. It wasn’t a smooth journey there. In fact, it was one of the toughest journey I have ever faced to go execute a surprise :/ Firstly, I didn’t know where it was so I thought it was at boat quay area. I walked to Boat Quay only to find it wasn’t there so I just held my ipad on my hand while walking (like a tourist). I had 3 bags to carry and my freaking heavy vaio laptop which I regret bringing. GEEZUS AND ITS FATED – That no cab wanna pick me up! Either the cab is changing shift, or when I flag, the uncle happen to look down at his phone (serious shit…) And when I was walking the whole clarke quay to find, while crossing a road… SUDDENLY it started pouring so so so so heavily! ): ): ): I was really at a “FML” moment. Like nothing else could try to break me down, I was panting with all the weight on me and all these started to happen. My goodness. I hid at a Japanese restaurant, the lady told me it was far from there and I had to run under the rain which she didn’t advice me to. Ok….. But anws, I did carry on finding ways t get my destination. I was VERY determined.

Shit happens. Okay, that aside, I made it!

I got the executive room, which is apparently better than studio/premier loft cos’ it is only the corner units on every floor and I had full length windows on the sides too! Which really showed us good nice view of Clarke Quay.

Look at the view. It is so much better than having walls there which will make the room look so much smaller.

Ok, so I got a few hours of ‘alone’ time before the birthday boy reaches his Surprise. So, photo time!

Result of some 'alone time'

Then, when he reached, well, he thought I was doing “facial” the whole time but little did he know that we can’t do facial two times in a row! I just did one the day before on his birthday so yeah. These are little things guys will never know and it may come in handy one day!

So I gave him the address for GPS, when he reached, I sent him two photos.

Plus a “SLURPRISEEE” voice note. HAHAHA. He was surprised indeed. Parking outside the hotel in his uniform, I went out to find him and guide him to free parking in the hotel. Yay! Mission accomplished.

When he reached, not much photos. Cos’ we were both sooo fungry! (very very very very extremely crazily hungry) so we left the hotel, went to Brussel Sprouts for dinner!

It was happy hour so we bought fruit beer!

Peach beer was so delicious! 😀

I’m head over heels for sweet alcohol. Hehe. Redbull vodka… Fruit beers…. Anything goes! Alright food time!

Clear Mussels cooked in white wine and garlic

I would love to try the cream one for lesser of the fishy mussel taste. But the clear mussels soup is really delicious! It comes with free flow of fries.

My dish – I ordered the platter. Yumzzzz. Onion rings are better than buckaroos!!! And the raw mussels, my first time trying and it tasted like my favourite fresh oysters. They had fish sandwiches, salami, pork pieces and salad. Thumbs up!

W’s dish – Sorry forgot to take photo and he finished most of it already. It was duck . Really really tasty duck!

What a fulfilling dinner! (: Went over to the wine shop to get some wine and more fruit beers to drink back at the hotel.

Oh check out these lights!

Lights from the hotel lobby. It’s really blinding if you look up with your naked eye, that’s why I used my camera to help me ‘see’.

Went back to the room, watched predators and left MTV on to sleep. Waking up in the loft is such luxury. I always dream of my future house to be like that. I love the studio apartment style, with my bed on the top. Simple and nice.

Breakfast at M!

Went for a swim after our breakfast and some camwhore in the room.

Sigh swimming. I spoilt alittle of that, cos’ I ended up crying in the pool when W tried to hold my body and teach me how to swim. But I felt like I was overturning and I was so scared and started to cry ): Sigh!

Anyways, then it’s checked out!

I hope all these made his 24th special enough! Not forgetting… His present of the century! 😉 Blackberry Torch! I gave him in superduper advance firstly I couldn’t wait 😡 And secondly, I wanted him to bring the phone for sailing.

I love you, forever and always.


Brussels Sprouts
80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-12
The Pier@Robertson
Singapore 239013

Tel: +65 6887- 434
Mon – Thurs: 5pm to midnight
Fri – Sat: Noon to 1am
Sun: Noon to midnight


  1. Love the hearts shapes in the pasta. Cute. It’s the little things that make you smile that make you a happy person. I think I might just carve some hearts and stars in my food.

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