Happy Tang Yuen day! :*

I bet not everyone knew there was such thing as ‘Tang Yuen’ day. It’s called Winter Solstice Festival and it’s today!

Just in case you don’t know what is Tang Yuen… Here you go!

It can also be in many colours like this,

Really pretty huh? The common traditional ones are usually with sesame or peanut . The soup is made out of sugar, water, pandan leaves and sometimes ginger. I like mine in ginger soup! Really yummy.

Apparently in other countries like HK and China or Taiwan, they celebrate this festival with gifts, visit their departed love ones, wear new clothes like it is chinese new year. However in Singapore, it is less exciting and not well-known. People like me don’t practice it at home, but usually just go out and eat tang yuen… If I remember this day every year. I don’t really know what other families do in Singapore.

It is celebrated on this day where they said the sunlight is the weakest and daylight’s the shortest.

The concept of the festival traces back to the Yin and Yang philosophy of balance and harmony. After this celebration, it is said that there will be days with longer daylight hours, also an indication of the increase of positive flow of energy.

So have a good round tan yuen day today! It’s even more special eating tang yuen today (: I’m gonna get my bowl hopefully later since we don’t practice making our own at home.




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