It’s the most beautiful time of the year

Sneak preview of one of the xmas dinners with my girlfriends

It’s a week of early mornings and late nights. You should check out my eye bags – Sleeping at 5am throughout the weekend and waking up at 7am (645am today) for the past 4 days is a nono. My eye bags should weigh a ton by now 😦 😦 😦

Today is day 3 of some home-time with myself and my dog. Just finished 45 minutes of stalking (ahem ahem) Facebook can really occupy me and time flies so quickly while you are busy stalking and all. But it’s all worth it. Hahaha. Don’t we all love for satisfying our curiosity (or sometimes, over-curiosity!).

It has been a busy 2 days after christmas, busy helping Sailorboy with his work yesterday…. Not as fun as I thought it would be. I ended up dozing up, like back in Secondary school. But most of it, Sailorboy was being stressed up with all the busy-ness and somehow, it affects me too. TODAY is the day he’s finally over with all that work! 😀 F*KING-ALLY! Hahaha. It’s gonna be xbox “boys VS girls” with W, my brother and his girlf.

I can’t believe it is already 29th! The year is ending in 2 days.. Geez. 2011 was good and bad for me. I’m actually looking forward to Saturday, 31st. I’m attending W’s officer’s wedding! *insert excited face* Ok, let me explain my over-excitedness. I haven’t been to a wedding IN my life that I’ve ever remembered, excluding those I went with my parents when I was really young and can’t remember anything about it. Yeah, so this is my official first wedding I’m attending and can actually remember! ^^ And his officer whose wedding wedding we are attending, is a very nice decent guy (: Well, that’s the impression of him when I met him a few other times in batam and dinner.

Oh and I freakin-ally bought my polaroid camera + colourful films! I’m really excited about owning one myself. Love how the photos come out and I can still decorate it with my pretty markers. It’s arriving tomorrow at my doorstep! But sadly I wont be able to receive myself cos’ I don’t think I’ll be home. But STILL, IT’S FINALLY MINE BABY! Heh Heh. I bought the 25s Instax Series cos’ I guess it is supposedly better than the 7s right? Yay me!

Still have yet to upload the Xmas photos so I shall end here, feeling excited after talking about the wedding and think of my list of 2012 resolutions to write up.

Oh, I wanna share a cool video I found on Facebook – in the midst of my stalking –


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