2 oh want too

It’s 2012 AND WE ARE ALIVE. HAHAHAHA. The only loud noises that you could possibly hear are the sound of fireworks (not bombs or hurricane) So apparently, what I kinda “thought”/imagine would happen on new years’ day is just like a kids’ tale. Yay, we’re alive! Yay yay yay!

My 31st was pretty special. I woke up at 4pm and half my day was gone cos’ the previous night, went xh’s house for post-xmas party and drinking till 4am. Only got back to sleep at 830am. Did french manicure (finally!) and I’m lovin’ it! What made my 31st special was attending W’s officer’s wedding at Shangri-La Orchard. It was an eye-opener for me and I always wanted to attend a wedding eversince I grew up but I didn’t even get a chance to attend a single one! And yesterday, finally! My first wedding I attended that I can remember (excluding the ones I can’t remember when I was young). What’s even more special, I finally witness the sword barrier ceremony for an officer’s wedding. It is amazing. So grand, so beautiful. I had goosebumps all over during the wedding. I didn’t get to take any photos cos’ I was too occupied admiring everything at the function. It was held at the island ballroom, a really big place. I never had to wear a cocktail dress to any parties hence I’m always in my shorts and tank top. It’s really nice having such events once in awhile. Got to meet a few of W’s navy friends and a few I met before. Haha they must think I’m just a little girl 😡

After the wedding dinner, we took a cab to O bar for countdown. The queue was insane, but we managed to get in before 12. The night was awesome! Music was good, drinks were even better. Phin introduced this damnnnnn good apple cider called “Somersby”. I’m pretty sure I remembered correctly despite being pretty ‘high’. It’s so good, you gotta try it! I have to say this is my first time counting down in a club cos’ I know club on new years’ can be a hassle – squeezing with the crowd and the worst, trying to find a cab home. We couldn’t find any so we decided to go Kopitam for some good hot soup and unhealthy carrot cake which tasted so sinfully good! Managed to get a cab and fly home. W was pretty wasted when we reach home. He ended up having to puke downstairs and felt hungry after that so we cooked Maggie Mee + Cheeezzy hotdogs. Soooo fattening happy!

So that’s my countdown for you. I hope y’all had a great countdown to the new year! Best wishes to everyone, and I hope it will be a happy year for everyone too! No tears, no bitterness, no fights, no growing fat… If only! Ha. Found a little note that could relate to everyone reading.

And… signing off my 1st entry of 2012!


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