Season of giving and sharing

Braces smile – June 2010

I was looking through my old photos on Facebook and most of them from the past years were my days playing rugby. It is indeed a new year. So much has change, physically, mentally and emotionally. I kinda miss wearing braces! (7 years of metal mouth.. Can you believe it?!)

It always make me wonder which is better when I compare – Braces or without? Tanner or fairer? Muscular or Flabby lean? 


Some photos from Kissmas Party at Xh’s with the yellows

$10 budget could only get us this much haha. I exceeded my budget and bought an electronic toothbrush heehee. Just like how I got my electronic toothbrush from narene! (yay! sekretly wanted it for a v long time)

Christine made us lovely Santa cards (: So pretty!


Christmas at my place

All the youngsters + my dog

Love the cute winnie-the-pooh plates

He only wants the cake!

Our warm christmas dinner :*

Homecooked steak and rosti!

Christmas gifts

He wants some meat for present!

He has no reason to use my RP team jacket to sleep now haha

My key ring cos I always lose my keys

My present to my Sailorbaby – Massimo Dutti


Christmas lights in Town

Christmas shopping is never a bore! 😀

Gifts for gift exchange with Hallourps!

Got too many photos for Christmas and I don’t wanna flood your web server here so the rest are on Facebook (: Link’s on the right.

Have a good new year everyone!


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