Blogspot jellybeeniee is UP!

Honey’s on a 3 day Sailing mission again. I kinda like his current ship now cos’ he doesn’t sail as often as he did before in the petrol vessel – which was almost once a week at least. He’ll be back on Friday so it’s gonna be a slow crawl to Friday from now since I will only be occupied with school, school and school.

Oh. I’ve created another (or rather the SAME blog) jellybeenie journal on Blogspot. You may visit or There is no difference between this two blogs actually. The posts will be the same and I’ll update both whenever I do write. The reason why I created that blogspot was because they allowed ads to be shown on the blog and for wordpress, I still can’t figured out how to do ads here so hence, I went to blogspot and now I have to do double blogging. Sigh. Wished someone genius could teach me how to do it. So yea, its better if I had more links on my blogspot, but I really enjoyed writing on WordPress so it’s alittle hard for me since I’ve been writing here for 4 months – ever since I ditched livejournal. So yeah, I was thinking of doing a ‘blogshop’ on jellybeeniee.blogspot. I have a wardrobe filled with new fresh clothes to sell!!! Look out for that!

Note: My new blogspot’s URL is slightly different – jellybeenie is by default – but someone else who doesn’t write anymore took that domain so the NEW blogspot name is Jellybeeniee (with 2 e’s).

Ah, should be rushing to prepare for school now. Damn, the weather is so good. Wished I could stay in bed but then again, I have to work super hard this semester if I wanna stay in school! Toodles for now!

Got a picture to share with you guys from my lunch last Saturday! 😀

My perk-me-up Saturday Lunch with Sailorboy. Heh heh. CHILLI CRAB.

Looks like I’m aging terribly here…..

Okay! Gotta run, bye!

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