All the girls in the club, put your freakin’ hands up

Can’t find anything better to do but update my blog. At least it comforts an empty Friday night.

If you have to ask me about Singapore’s night life, I have a few ‘one word'(s) to say – Pathetic. Struggling. Mundane. Boring.

Well, unless you love drinking and clubbing and don’t mind it for your daily mid-week affair, you will join my club. Feelin’ lost and not knowing what to do on a Friday night is one of the worst feeling. Especially when you want to bring your relatives from overseas around… You have to do a month plan before they arrive if not you will struggle like what we are doing now.

Ladies’ night is popular for Wednesdays’ affair. The girls get the free drinks and the guys get the girls (or maybe just get to SEE the flock of chicks). Haha. If you need good clubbing suggestions, I may not be the PRO in that but I can share my personal favourites. I used to only frequent PLAY during my younger playful days (; PLAY is a small club at Maxwell, Tanjong Pagar. It is frequent by lesbians on Thursday nights and Gay nights on Friday. I used to go another club called “The Arena” before I head to PLAY cos’ they have ladies night on Thursdays – FREE DRINKS YEA!! But it’s only fun if you go with a good company. I had a whole lot of drama and a share of good/bad memories there.

Moving on, I actually experienced other clubs along the way. Zouk, Attica, Powerhouse, Avalon (the one at MBS)…. I have only ONE favourite. It never fails to perk me up for the night.

*drum rolls*


I freaking lurrrveeee Butterfactory. The music is always up there, crowd’s always good and best is, there are two clubs inside! It’s located at One Fullerton, has a nice sea view but don’t go near it if you’re drunk!

So… Last Wednesday, I decided to go Butterfactory to party with BFF before he leave for Aussie again, taufiq, terence, lewis (who is leaving for aussie too) and Marli. Crowd’s good, company’s perfect, music’s awesome…. Everything was great!

This lady was so daring. She hopped onto the stage before the party got started and started to grind the pole and dance. *applaud*

Yuhao joined us for awhile

Just the 5 of us + The late Terence Toh

Marli & Matt

HAHA ok just being lame – RESERVED.

So cute my bff!



The gonna-leave-for-Aussie boys

Late late late…

I don’t know what was Matt trying to do, but he was spinning this tray. Bartender in the making?

Red like Angpow

Met new people again. HAHAHA. This NS guy who was really sporting and nice, this taiwanese girl and this dead drunk high thai girl. Haha. It was an experience and we finished 2 freaking bottles! Oh, the apple shots you gotta try. Can’t get enough of it! 😀

The taiwanese girl on the left. ORH HOR.


This is their new friend – The waiter. HAHA. I don’t know what’s with the hi^5 but they keep hi^5-ing whenever he passes by our table.

Matt…. Matt.. Matt. Dirtttttttttty fella.

It sure looks wrong.

And this photo tops it all. Matt: “Good?”

Marli was gone by then (:

HAHA trying to seduce me ah fiq!


AHA our new friends! The NS guy and the taiwanese girl

Photo of the night!


Marli with the Thai girl

That sums up the fun for the night. Forever a Butterfactory fan! But yeah, too bad my baby wasn’t there to party with us cos’ he was out sailing ): IF NOT WHY SINGAPORE SO SAFE?!?! 

Okay. Shall call it a night. CNY entries coming up! Sucks that this week is ending cos’ it is my 1 week of holidays. Back2school next monday. *yawns*

xx Lots of Love


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