Have no fear, TDF is here!

Growing up as a typical Singaporean teenager, I struggled trying to fight those pimples that kept growing on my face and never giving me a break!

I find myself trying to squeeze my pimples/blackheads out but it often lead to many more popping out ): When I was in secondary school, going through puberty was hard. I really envy my friends who had flawless clean smooth skin on their face. Lookin’ at the mirror was pretty depressing haha. Especially after PE lessons, with all the pespiration + my oily face = YUCKS. Honestly, I don’t know why do I have such oily skin.. Even after half a day of make-up on.

And of course being a curious, helpless teenager, I try to solve my pimple problem by doing a few things.

#1. Squeezing my pimples whenever I see some yellow head sticking out

And my mom always warn me not to do that, but I still do. Geez. Why do I not listen to my mom AKA freelance makeup-artist/facial expert? After all, being a daughter of a facial expert doesn’t gives me good skin anyway!

#2. I GO SHOPPING… For many many facial products which reads “PIMPLE CREAM” or “ACHE CLEARING” or Anything that reads CLEAN or CLEAR face.

Pimple Creams

This is really desperate calls. I have no idea which cream/solution works so I can only buy all and TRY all. However, I remember trying a pimple cream and leaving it on overnight and the next day, my pimple got more painful and bigger! Imagine going to school with a HUGE pimple staring at everyone you meet/talk to. Oh boy ):

THIS, really convinced me whenever I see their box. “Proven”, “Tested”, “Effective”. UGH why do I always fall for all these marketing efforts? THIS doesn’t work for me at all. It is a disappointment (PS. I’m writing this according to my own experiences so no offences to those who thinks this work for them k) It made my pimple worst and I never used it after that ONE and only time.

#3. Currently, I STILL do this and can never stop till’ I find a solution… Other than squeezing, before I even do that, I like to pluck/scratch/ripe my pimple pore.

Don’t really know how to explain or if you can visualize what I do. You know sometimes the pimple is so swollen and painful around the sides and at the middle there is this ‘erupted volcano’? Yeap. I like to pluck that volcano so I can squeeze after and depending what comes out later on, is kind of my current solution now – Which I think is the WORST method of trying to get rid of your Pimples.

(So please DO NOT follow me hehe)

Okay, so just a few days ago, after all the chinese new year food and oranges being digested… I suddenly grow a HUGE awkward pimple above my lips. I wanted to post photos/evidence of my huge pimple but my camera wire went missing so.. Ok, it is my “2nd-most hated pimple place” (The first would be at the sides of my nose or on my nose tip) It is SO PAINFUL and the thing about this special pimple, I can’t peel or scratch it cos’ there is no “volcano” head and it is CRAZILY PAINFUL. (The kind that will bring tears to your eyes) So I went online to search for some solutions.

And I found this from Nuffnang!

Introducing the Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula from USA.

Established in USA in 1994, Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula is a respected name in the field of dermatological skincare, being a pioneer in AHA glycolic acid formulations. Dedicated to improve consumers’ self-esteem, the brand provides a range of skin care products with superior quality and proven efficacy, delivering visible results. Its areas of expertise include management of acne, pigmentation disorders, photo-aging and aging skin conditions. A well-recognized prescriptive skincare brand in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong, Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula products are available via dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical practitioners, hospitals and retail pharmacists.

Lovin’ the ad already when they say “Achieve visibly clear skin in 4 weeks!”

But you know, after all the times I’ve fallen into the Marketing’s booby traps.. I wouldn’t want to spend my money on anymore products UNLESS they can prove to me it works OR if they give samples (; Wouldn’t hurt you in your pocket to try – which also means they DARE to let you try for free.

AHA, then I saw this.


I’ve already signed up for my free sample which I’m gonna collect later after school at Causeway point. Hehe. It is at any Guardian Pharmacy Counter (shows that it is verified and allowed by doctors).

Do you want your free sample too? You can get them too and we can all share photos and flawless experiences about our pimple-free face! 😀

CLICK HERE for Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula (TDF)’s free sample giveaway! It will lead you to their facebook site and you don’t have to worry you will have to sign up for anything cos’ all you have to do is just fill up the form and they will give you your code to collect at your chosen guardian stores!

I’ll blog more about it after I’ve tried the free sample!


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