Hello mid-Wednesday! Hope everyone is surviving mid-week as much as I am too. Putting a soothing mask for my pimple-face while I’m typing this. I had a crazy sleepy day today. Practically “floated” everywhere I go today.

Sailorboy has gone sailing for three days. So this morning I decided to do a small ‘surprise’ for him before he sail other than the usual notes. I pre-ordered McDonald’s breakfast – I really loveeee their “order in advance” cos’ it makes things so much convenient and easier. And now they have an new breakfast bundle deal, so I decided to order that and pre-ordered it to come by at 9am.

I left a special note under comments,

“Do not press the door bell if the door is closed! Call my number 9831**** instead. It’s a surprise!”

Hahahaha true enough the delivery boy did call me and I told W I had to “poop” when I went out to collect the food. Haha. Breakfast in bed, surprise! Hope he was happy with his full tum tum ^^

I had lesson at 12pm, he had to sail so we part our ways. By then, I was having food coma :/ So full and my body just need at least 8 hours of sleep. Any lesser, I will doze off everywhere I go.

Had an awesome bar chor mee at Lavender with Nelson, Jap and XY. It is know as THE BEST in Singapore. It’s the dry one, unlike the Bedok 85 which has really good soup noodles. *Thumbs up*

Looks good huh? They have fried fish bits too!

Then I saw this. Nelson’s $6 bowl and my $4 bowl. The difference is… HUGE.

So I finally got home, cancelled my night plans just because I cannot find any energy left in my body ): So I went to get an icecream, bought cereal and raisins for my breakfast tomorrow/friday. Playing and spending time with cody is the best thing I always look forward to when I come home (:

Ok shall go back to online shopping ; Things I do when my boyfriend is away. HAHA. He’s gonna kill me.



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