It’s good to relive the good old memories

Sorry I haven’t been updating cos’ I misplaced my camera cable ): But school has been really busy for me. (Minus the Business stats the lecturer didn’t turn up -.- made me waste a trip from all the way in the East)

Ok I’m a pretty boring person whenever school starts (that is back to Uni. Younger days were exceptional) The few weeks of school is simply staring at the lecturer with a blank face + mind. I’m an idiot. I look forward to every Friday/Weekends.. Hahaha wanna know my new secret hobby?

Not much of a secret now but here.

If you play this, you know it (;

FINALLY COMPLETED! And it was my first time in a single lane and we did it. *proud accomplishment* Hahaha. If only I study as much as I was motivated to do this. I’m such a boy. Grew up playing power rangers, now I play this. Just love it.

Just last Sunday, I finally got to do which I LURRRVEEE so much in my life. Touch rugby. Yeap, it was my passion back in Polytechnic days but due to a blood clot at my spine, I had to take a break for a year. I keep dreaming about the times I played on the turf, the annoying black astro turf black beads always stuck in your boots, the hot sun, the smelly jersey and muddy grounds… It all came back to me when I crashed Blacks training at SAJC. At first, I felt really intimidated by the overwhelming good players and I didn’t dare to step onto the field. But it’s really nice running and playing again. How I wished I could relive my RP Rainbows memories again..

Yay! My very happy accomplished face!

And it’s been long since I dived. My first astro burn in a year (:

It was really troublesome trying to nurse it and sleep with my blanket over it cos’ it kept pus-ing. But it was all worth it.

I’m excited for next week! I MIGHT BE GOING BALI …. FINALLY! Hahaha but all my holidays and getaways are always on the wrong time when I have school :/ But YAY! BALI! HERE I COME! *fingers crossed*



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