Be a stranger or make them strangers!

What would you do, or how would you imagine your life, if you found yourself on Mars now, a stranger in a strange new land?

That’s your thinking cloud for the weekend!

Honestly, this question definitely popped in my mind before when I was growing up. IF I ever found myself on Mars…. I always wished their trees, plants, flowers and everything mother nature there were made out of MARS BAR 😀 I would imagine the trees growing out Mars bars like this ;

Haha imagine when you have a sweet tooth craving?! You just have to go out of your house and find a random tree and pluck out a Mars bar. Yums!

Well, I imagine myself when I first land on Mars as a typical curious, cautious stranger who is paranoid to every little thing – Like just in case an alien attacks me! I think the first thing when I reach there is to analyze the place. I can’t imagine any living thing there to be normal but more like strange floating things… besides the happy Mars oak trees, I imagine the “people” there to be like weird Aliens, walking in slow-motion outer space speed.

This Cowboy VS Aliens scene… Think it’d most prolly be like me – minus the gun and the weapons I wouldn’t have with me and + a rainbow hat.

AND this… would be the creatures I picture to see on Mars, which most likely MIGHT eat me up or freak me out.

I always think like if I’m on a planet like Mars, I would land on this ‘outer’ shell of the planet.

(The real Mars photo from

And they would have these sandy grounds… But I would most prolly meet an Alien who would bring me INTO their ‘real world’ which looks like this in my mind ;

And I would go like “Wow……..” with like weird flying creatures flying around and their alien species doing their own daily stuff. I would most prolly join the “mothers” and young girls of their alien species to do shopping and weird things like maybe, plucking out mars bars into their market bag while the men prepare for war or something. I guess I will be pretty lonely out there so I might try to make A friend. A really close good friend in their world who I can trust and depend on. I would have to learn their “language” cos’ I can’t imagine them speaking English in Mars. Maybe we might communicate through sticks or drawings like the ancient Egyptian.

Of course I wouldn’t stand a chance to miss fighting a REAL war. I would be their “warrior princess” haha. Maybe they need some hero to help them win this battle and it could be me!

Like Xena hahaha. Lovin’ the leather outfit (;

And lastly, what I could imagine of me after going through so much with the new ‘world’… I would fall in love with a ‘Mars-tian” Hahaha. Martian.

Just like how every fairy tales end… It’s a happily ever after! But hopefully, I’m not too sure if I’d turn into a MAR-TIAN too. Hahaha.

After all these imagination in my mind, I can’t wait for John Carter to be out in the cinemas! 😀 I saw the thriller and it’s another AWESOME action-pack movie you don’t wanna miss. *excited*


Catch John Carter in cinemas this 8 March 2012 and like the Official Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page and follow @DisneystudiosSG on Twitter!


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