Yeappp, I’m back back backkkkk from BALI.

It’s gonna be a short short entry cos’ I’m gonna go back studying after dinner! Boohoo… Business stats is a killer. I hate maths!

We took KLM dutch airlines to Bali. I have to say their service beats SQ airlines anytime!

Dayummm! I wished I could stay alittle longer. But yea, it was a great trip 🙂 Perfect for me and W I would say. I will update more about the trip and share my photos soon – after I’m done with my studying –

P.S. Psssst!! The private pool villa + our romantic candlelit dinner was the highlight! :D:D

Alittle ‘sneak preview’ from our pool villa! Hello!

I wanna go back to bali!!! Sick of the workload we have to face in Singapore! ): ): ):

Yet, another country added to our ‘little getaways’ (:



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