A walk down memory lane

Taking a break from studying… I was playing the ukulele. I’m lovin’ my new toy (: I’m not good at playing guitar cos’ I have been playing piano since young and my fingers are stiff on guitars. But I tried learning the ukulele and dayuuummmm! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! 😀

It has been my stress-reliever for the past week since I bought it home. I’ll post up a photo of my ukulele soon when I have time to upload my photos. (I know I owe like 1million photos..)

I have been watching youtube, learning new songs then I came upon lookin’ at my uploaded videos. Hahaha. It’s really nice to see your old videos, memories with friends which made me laugh out loud all over again! I wanna share this, hehe it made me laugh like crazzzy.


At matt’s house, our usual chill-out place. I miss this matty!


ATV ride 2 years ago at bintan! It was so fun! The company, the fun… jokes… drinks..


Hahahaha. Okay I look like a loser here. I suck at drinking beer but ignore me. Enjoy willybaby and mattybff singing!

Hahahaha i’m having too much laughs on the computer, wished I had no exams and could enjoy without feeling guilty. ): Alright. Goodbye for now!

youtube user: jellybeenie



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