A peak at my favourite fashion lookbook!

Gosh, I wished I was a better friend with numbers. I always wonder when will numbers ever make sense to me! I certainly do not carry my dad’s brain cos’ he is so damn good with numbers and mathematics while I struggle just understanding it. (I even count with my fingers, how embarrassing!!!)

I love writing, love words, love literature and poems. They have feelings and they make sense. Numbers are….. dead. Stagnant. Boring.

Trying to complete my group assignment for Management accounting. Just looking at the numbers and tables, half my battery cells are gone. Did some therapeutic online-shopping with Sheryl and Xuan (my wonderful girl-groupies) for a good one hour after class was A-wesome! Got a dress at ripped-off prices! Just had to get something to make me happier from all the workload….. You know… Girls.

I wanna show you guys some of my favourite fashion #ootd looks!

Neon dreams added by CamilleRainbow

Wished I had those skinny legs to wear black stockings under my shorts!

TShirt and Skirt added by tempsec

Lovin’ the sunglasses, bracelet and skirt!

Inspiration No.205 added by Zyra

ULTIMATE FAVOURITE – I always love this hairstyle! Just so scared I wouldn’t be able to pull this hair off and also, I can’t bear to cut my long tresses. This is my perfect dress for work 😀

SJP Doing The Cropped Look added by RubyMiller

I always loveeee waist shirt. I got one in my cupboard, brand new… Just waiting for the day I lose my fat stomach and off I go, in the streets! (;

Blake added by gabouchie

Another perfect work outfit!

Coffee Break added by Skoolisjusaphase

I gotta try this head wrap one day! But guess my little forehead might not pull it off..

She's a killer. added by Hols Dols

I love this open back dress!!

Yellow added by favouritethings


Royal added by minibubble

Not much of my favourite colour… But, I love this couple. Forever so classy and posh.

Dentelle added by Binchy

I just love Blake Lively. She is so gorgeous and her fashion sense, up there!

Gossip Girl  added by Talsie

Sunny colour dress!

Blake Lively  added by serendipity_cm

V-neck dresses… Only looks normal in other countries. In Singapore, it’s a “WOW”. That’s what I hate.

Alright, I’m gonna continue with my work. Not very sure how I’m gonna wake up tomorrow morning. It’s gonna be a long long day. I’m gonna dread everyday from now on till May when my exams are over. God bless me!

Love much.


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