Puppppppyyyyyyy 1st

This is my beautiful, handsome, shetland sheepdog. Cody!

He just turned 1 years old last Thursday. I bought him new bones for his birthday haha. We have yet to take him out for a celebration due to the bad weather last weekend. But dogs are so easy to pleaseeee… A new toy and they go crazy.

It’s incredible how loyal they are. Whenever I go to the toilet, he follows and wait outside the toilet until I’m done. When I’m in my room, he wants to see me and will sit at my door just to look at me do things (since he’s not allowed in my room).

I never had such a faithful friend standing by me regardless of whatever shit that happens. He must be an angel from heaven. Like what they always say, dogs are from heaven and will go to heaven.

Time pass too fast, in a blink of an eye, we got Cody for 1 year already! It was shocking that my family even bought a dog in the first place. He grew so much, so naughty over the months but yet so damn lovable!

We have been through his worst haircuts and the best fur ever. Haha.

He prefer mixing with small dogs. Haha maybe he thinks he is still small!

Always aimming our food………

Don’t you think they look alike? Our new brother for sure (: New addition to the family!

He loves to sleep on my feet!

Like a grown up little boy, brushing his teeth and rinsing his mouth from the water hose!

Bringing memories back just 1 year ago…..

THIS was the little Cody when he was 2 months old! Look at how much he has grown?!

Like a fine young charming big boy! (Although he’s still a kid…)

When he was afraid to even get down the cage… Now he jump fences!

When his face was the size of my palm, now his face is as big as mine!

When he yawn like a little kitten, now he yawn like a lion! -ROAR

When my camera could still capture his whole body stretched out, now my camera hardly even catch him half body!

He can’t even fit 2 paws on this stool now haha.

He still sleeps like a baby now.

Haha alot of difference in length now!

Taking car rides

Used to be able to share a seat with me…. But now he needs a seat all to himself!

“Awwww… Puppy….”

I’m so amused by his sleeping positions. Haha.

Well, this entry is solely dedicated to my puppppy! 😀 Love him so much. He never fails to make my day. Alright signing off!

Birthday pup! 😀

Gotta rush to school to submit an assignment now. Damnnnn…. So far. Toodles everyone!



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