How you tell others about yourself, may just be a cover up of someone you are inside. I guess alot of people can relate to this picture. Haha at least I can.

Assignments after assignments. It’s already March, time flies so fast this semester! Finished Management Accounting assignment last Wed and now, I’m racing to another finishing line which is dued next Tuesday! I hope I can complete some at work tomorrow. Exams are in a months’ time, Sailorboy is going to sail for 1 month in Mid-April ): I cannot wait for this whole long long phase to end!

I plan to drown myself with work and studies throughout the 1 month study break. No choice when you got no lover, it’s better to be more fruitful in bringing home the $kaching$ and exercising your brains for the future! OH OH, and I’m intending on signing up for a women’s gym to work out and keep fit during my long 3 months holidays (: It’s been long since I worked out the right muscles ever since my back injury.

Work on another hand has been pretty nice. I like my new job, at 69 Haji Lane. Boss’s nice, workmates are nice and friendly too! However, it has been pretty taxing on my slow-pea-brain. I’m not very inclined with brands and sunglasses so memorizing and knowing my product… Well, let’s just say I’m really trying my best. Not gonna let stress get into me! If not, I’m never gonna enjoy my work. Besides all that, I really like the constant food I can put in my mouth during work. Food keeps me going & happy! 😀 Oh, just had an official opening on Sunday. I’ll write an entry as soon as the photos are released!

Today is Tuesday. 3 more days to my long-awaited weekend!!! I can’t wait to just rest and chill at home with my baybehhhh. (And finish up on my project too, eeks)

Signing off here, with a very true picture for you girls/guys to read.

Hahah. I think I have been through every stage before (; It IS true.


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