Hello, April

Sunday Touch!

I’m so out of touch with my I-once-loved sport. My back injuries really pulled me down so badly ): I hope I can get back in shape to play for SIM at the end of the year.

Matty, the BFF, is back for a sudden 1 week holiday. Whenever he’s back, it’s like “holiday” for most of us, even though we are still having school or work. Nobody can be any more chill-out than him. It’s like everyday Bruno Mars is singing “Lazy Song” in this house. Haha. It has been a good 4 days so far! Was very surprised when he actually called me and said he could come back the next day. I was sincerely like, “WHUUUTTTTT?!?!?!” But he didn’t hear my sincere excitement over the phone.

Besides having a good friend for this week, we are planning for a “un-planned” trip over the weekends. Sailorboy is going away in mid-April for 1 month sailing to Taiwan. I need to focus on not tweeting or blogging too much about how much I miss him. Besides, exams are coming and I have to really mug. I’m quite worried about this semester. I’m nowhere here nor there.

My dad got admitted to the hospital 2 days ago. It scared the crap out of me, seriously! I was having one of my favourite lesson with my law lecturer when I received my mom’s text about his admission due to a blood in the brain.. I tried so hard not to break down or burst out in lecturer. I couldn’t leave school cos’ I could not have a grip of my emotions so I hid in the school toilet for 30 mins before I could rush to Sailorboy’s car and just break down. It was a scare.

He’s better now. Blood pressure shot up too high! Aye, when I first saw my dad in the ward I just gave him a “See, I told you” face and laugh. He also laughed and replied my facial expression by saying, “I know, too fat.” Haha. I like my dad. When he’s being my dad, he is a very funny fella. I think I got my ‘poking’, teasing genes from him. But it’s really weird to see a family member in the hospital since we are usually all pink in health.

I hope tomorrow my dad can be discharged! 🙂 On another note, my dad has ASUS TRANSFORMERS. I have been eyeing on Matty’s eepad that he bought from Aussie and my dad actually have it! Hehehe it’s gonna be mine! Muahahahaha. AND I CAN DOWNLOAD LIGHT BOX – it serves like ‘instagram’ for Android users. Ha, which Matty and I have been trying to debate about. It’s still on-going haha… guys….

Alright, gotta go get changed to visit my dad now! I got so many assignments to finish and I’ve got work tomorrow. Damn. One of which is actually Matty’s assignment WHICH we had an agreement that he will peel all the prawns I’m gonna eat for the rest of the week if I finish his 1000 words essay for him. ON.

Bye for now!



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