Books, begone!

Attempt of studying at work now is a terrible fail today. I don’t know why but whenever I open my book and try to read and understand the numbers, I start to yawn countless of times and I feel sleepy. I wished I was study-material.

Anyways, I’m taking time off from my unproductive studying doing something I enjoy better – writing. Haha. I love to talk in my mind. You must be thinking I’m really weird… Hehe but it makes me happy just having conversations and thoughts in my mind.

So yesterday was a VERY random day – something which Taufiq and I have been wanting to do/experience for a long long time. It caught us off-guard when I was supposed to having a boring Wednesday but the two Ts’ happened to have an off day so we were supposed to meet for our usual LAN games aka Dota/Battleship. But I had to go Little India to collect my TDF products which I won from Nuffnang! So Taufiq decided to give me ride to Little India and while I was collecting my stuff, he went to buy some Indian kueh he claimed was very delicious.

It took me awhile to find the pictures of it because I have no idea what it is called and my description of it didn’t help either. But yay, einstein-me at its best 😀

Mysore Pak.

I read online about this sweet ‘dessert’.

Mysore pak is a sweet dish of Karnataka, India, usually served as dessert. It is made of generous amounts of ghee (clarified butter), sugar and gram flour.

Somesay Mysore pak was first created in the kitchens of the Mysore Palace by a palace cook named Kakasura Madappa out of the above ingredients. The cook at the Mysore Palace kitchen simply made a concoction of besan, ghee and sugar. The sweet that was formed delighted the royalties so much that it became a “Royal Sweet”. When asked its name, Madappa obviously didn’t have its name, so he simply called it the ‘Mysore pak’, a delicacy from the Mysore Palace. The king relished the sweet so much that he got Madappa to set up shop outside the palace grounds so that it could be made available to common people.

Interesting huh? It is actually a South Indian dessert. Well, when you first see it, you wouldn’t really be interested to try. Haha. It looks hard and dry… But once you sink your teeth into it, you will be surprised how easily it crumbles! If you don’t eat carefully and gently, you might make a mess around you. It is very sweet and there are different flavours to it.

One of the 3 cakes that Taufiq bought was hot pink in colour! It caught my eye… And when I tried it, mmmm it has coconut inside. There was one which was original flavour without added stuff and one more which was the best, my favourite actually. It had like egg taste with something I can’t describe.

Well, you can try making your own Mysore pak (: I will leave the recipe at the bottom. I’d love to try making my own one day!

Back so story, he went to buy food while Terence and I waited in the car. He asked us to drive down to the MRT station and we did but had to wait so so so long for him. We thought what happened, but he called and told us he met a pretty girl. Haha. Guys… So we went to AMK and play a game of DOTA. He told us about the Korean girl who just reached Singapore and got lost so needed help to get to her hostel and he helped her with her luggage. Then he said, maybe we could be her tour guide! Random things! I thought our chat was just a joke and it couldn’t be serious but no, “What time will we reach?” The girl asked. Haha. I knew we were going back to Little India.

Picked the korean girl at 6pm, she is only a year older than me. Like any other korean girl, she had flawless white skin (great envy!) And she is so skinny. She dress like any rich korean actress you see on television. You have no idea, if I could take korean as my second language, I would! I love all their expressions and actions.

We brought her to orchard road, had lots of snacks and finger food. Then we went to Marina Barrage and headed to Kembangan (our current usual favourite food place) at Mak’s Place for dinner and ended the day with durians. Hahaha. She hate durians. She said she can’t understand why we love durians and she can totally understand why there is a law against bringing durians into the buses, trains or cabs. I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful my parents introduced me to durians. I love it!

This is our korean friend, Hyelim.

We have more photos but it’s with Xh and I doubt he will be posting anytime soon hehe. The guys will bring her out today and tomorrow while I will just focus on my books and my kdrama. hahaha.

Sailorboy is sailing today till Saturday and he will be long gone sailing next Tuesday for a month! ): It will be really different without him, well, I kinda forgot how it is without him for a long time. I always see him everyday and after our busy day at work/school, we would meet for dinner, movie or whatsoever. I’m gonna miss him… Like how I already did.

Alright, gonna go back to my books and YOLO to my first overnight study session at Airport. It’s only the beginning of a student’s nightmare.


Mysore Pak
1 cup Bengal Gram
2 cups Sugar
1 cup Ghee
1/2 cup Water
  • Mix the flour with a little ghee. Heat the sugar in water till reaches a ball consistency.
  • Slowly add the flour stirring continuously so that no lumps are formed.
  • When it is well blended pour in slowly absolutely in a hot ghee stirring continuously.
  • Cook till the mixture becomes frothy and the ghee separates.
  • Spread out on a greased plate. When firm cut the mysore pak into squares.

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