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My energy level has been pretty __________ Low. Wilson is temporarily standing in for a pregnant officer for this Taiwan trip. He will only be back after 24 days. And when he’s back, he will be home only for a day and gone sailing for another week with his own ship.

Sigh. Time passes so slow without him. Ok, not really. When I’m concentrating on my studies, it passes too freaking fast. But when I’m not doing anything, sigh it feels like forever. I’m not whining cos’ I don’t see him for awhile. Maybe this is the first time he is going for more than a week and I have to get used to this for a few years. Plus, I always have smth to look forward to at the end of whatever I do in the day – To see him, meet him for dinner or just do nothing but be with him. Now, I’m kinda lifeless.. Like I got nothing to look forward to everyday anymore. Hah, sounding so pathetic. Thank God for my exams, it is doing good keeping me busy and distracted.

24 days! Counting down… it’s the 20th day ;D Yay.

He got back from Sailing on Saturday and we have been spending time together like there’s no tomorrow for the remaining 3 days before he sail off to Taiwan. Haha. It was fun. He seldom get the energy to last through the nights but for that 3 nights, we got to watch horror/thriller movies on my iPad till wee hours! I was really happy (: On Tuesday, we aimmed to wake up early for dimsum breakfast before he sail… We are bummers. Haha. On a day when he doesn’t have to wake up for work, we ALWAYS sleep till 1pm and get out of bed at 2pm. It was a tough push to wake up at 9.30am that day but we did it! Hehe.

He look so good here (:

In the car while we do errands

We went to this pretty well-known Dim Sum place at Sembawang Road. My dad used to bring us there when we were little, just before our JB trip. I used to thought this Dim Sum place was Malaysia already cos’ it felt so far from my house… But heehee it’s actually near my 2nd home now (;

Love the Holga effect.

He hates it whenever I have to spend awhile to take photos before I can eat.

I really like the century egg siew mai. And my favourite usuals, chicken feet and har gao.

What’s a dim sum morning without century egg porridge?

Prawn Chee Cheong Fun – Must have.

We got to spend an hour or two before we left home – him to take a cab to camp while I head to airport to study and mug my time away.

Loads of camwhore cos’ I wanna keep as many photos with me to look at whenever I miss him. Haha. Sorry for being so typical, I can’t help it.


Geez, when I smile so genuinely, I show so much of my gum :/

“Baby, give me one last cute face for the month!”

I miss you.

Till we meet again,

10th May 2012 ; I can’t wait.



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