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My sincere apologies for my rare weekly blog. I used to have so much time to write last time and I could do up to 2 – 3 entries a day but now it’s my study break and I have been so busy with the books, I hardly even touched my computer. (Unbelievable but true!)

I’m so tired trying to understand Management Accounting so I’m gonna stop for today and continue tomorrow. I’m gonna cover a month ago (outdated) post I promised. Remember I mentioned I found a new job at DH Sunglass, Haji Lane and we just had an official opening? Yeah! Calling for all sunglasses lovers! That’s what I’m gonna show you guys today. Photos and moreeee sunglasses.

Photos: Credited to DH Photographer, Clarissa & Profession uncle

My friend, Clarissa introduced me this wonderful job. Haha. Honestly, I wouldn’t have found such a job with perfect working hours if not for her so I’m really thankful (:

It is a pretty well-established shop actually. Before they moved to the current unit at 69 Haji Lane, they used to be located at a small unit at the second level of a shop house. People who actually does research on the sunglasses would be able to find them especially just to get their sunglasses. If not, you could have stumble across their signs towards their stairway. But now, it has a perfect nice spot. Big and spacious, therefore taking in more brands too!

Are you a sunglass fanatic? Do you like brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, SUPER? Well, you ought to drop by the shop. We bring in Ray-Ban, Oakley, SUPERretrofuture, Karen Walker, Nooka, Carrera, Le Specs, Thierry Lasry, Henry Holland… etc. And what’s the better deal is DH’s sunglasses are authentic and cheaper than retail stores.

The official opening was held on 25th March 2012. I was the newest part-time staff there cos’ I only worked once before the opening. Honestly, I may love accessories but I didn’t really keep up with like fashion magazines. The most I would do is look through polyvores online but other than that, I’m a pretty boring person. Ha. I do own a few sunglasses. Well, if you count those cheap funky SUPER lookalike glasses, I have PLENTY!!! Hahaha. And not forgetting those I used to buy at Bugis street… Phuket… I got 2 main sunglasses I love so much now.

The older one, Carrera I bought from Phuket. The shape suits my face shape and my personality. It gives a very laid-back feel. Totally me (;

And 2nd pair of sunglasses I love… It’s the newest one and this is authentic.

The box and casing was… OOOSSHHhhh. Seriously, where can you find such a nice casing?! And it’s all cushion and furry inside!

Nice right?! I like the sides in particular. Sorry I don’t have photo of it but the sides are very glamourous and outstanding, that’s why I like it (:

Actually I do have another favourite sunglasses from Gucci but sadly, it cannot be found now. Well, we did find one pair at Bali Airport and I got really sad when I didn’t get it but I realized its fine, cos’ Wilson did try to surprise me and buy that pair but it had defects and it was the only pair left. Fate! I’m satisfied with what I have (:

Alright, back to the main story. DH Sunglass official opening was fun and nice! I got to meet everyone in the shop whom I have never met before. Besides my rugby friends, Clare and shi, I haven’t met half of them and they are actually all very friendly and nice people. Haha. My boss is nice and young and actually very easy to talk to!

These were the specially designed cupcakes for the guests! Icing aren’t my favourite but the flavours inside were delicious!

Shop Front

Pretty flowers + The yummy catered food from 4 Seasons (Si Ying and I chose the food hehe)

Le specs collection ; They are relatively the lowest priced sunglasses in the shop ranging from $50 – 120!

Carrera, SUPERretrofuture and Henry Holland

Henry Holland


Cute baby blue Vespa!

Long range of sunglasses

Si Ying, Me, Boss and Malvin

Major camwhoring outside with the balloons

Yay, my baby came to visit with Xing Hua, Shi and Clare

Group shot!

I did a collage out of our individual portraits, just for fun!

I will write up an entry with the full photos of my favourite sunglasses in the shop! Watch out for it (; By Saturday! They are good stuff!

[ SNEAK PREVIEW ; My favourite sunglasses ]

Photos out of my own SONY camera lens… So stay tune!

Till then.

Define Happiness (D.H. SUNGLASS)

69 Haji Lane

Singapore 189262

Contact Us

(Call) +65 62980840

(SMS) +65 93377993


Mon – Sat: 1pm – 8pm

Sunday: 1pm – 7pm



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