8TH MAY, Hurry come!

I just cut my hair yesterday and did treatment. It’s not much of a difference in the photo but my head feels so much lighter and my hair is SO smooth like baby’s hair! But I only hate tying my hair now cos’ it’s not as thick and nice as it looks in a ponytail compared to last time. Need to wait for the bush to grow!

Countdown to my exams: 2 DAYS

I’m having mixed feeling about it. Not motivated but yet, don’t wanna drown in the pool of my big fat ego if I don’t do well. Honestly, it isn’t looking good this week. Facing the biggest giants of my semester, the numbers paper. It has been countless of days mugging, mugging mugging. I have two good reasons for 8th May to come.


I can watch youtube, use facebook and watch teevee without feeling GUILTY. I can lie in bed and play my iPad without feeling GUILTY. I can go out shopping, meet friends or whoever for dinner without feeling GUILTY. Actually, me cooping myself  at home with the books is just so I won’t feel guilty and won’t blame myself if I didn’t do well – Cos I tried. And I really did!


Okay I make it sound like damn soon, but actually I got 2 and a half more weeks to go. Only one week passed and it feels horribly long already. I just got a phone call from him this afternoon (: He just reached Taiwan this morning. I hope he have fun tonight with the good food and the bubble tea! Wished he could bring back some good bbt for me hehe authentic bbt, yums. Ok, so when 8th May comes, it means there is only 2 more days till he is back! 😀 But he has to sail for another week after he is back for a day. But nvm. The wait is over! At least between the 8th till he comes back, I can do whatever I want – eat, shop, go out, laze at home AND PLAY FREAKING LAN GAMES. HAHAHA. I’m quite an addict to battleship – not the movie (I haven’t watch it yet) but the World of Warcraft game It used to be our weekly Friday late night activity till 5am but it’s on hold now, due to exams. And he promised me late night movies on my iPad under the blankets, a movie weekend, do a 1X GOOD spa massage… Excited!!!

#3. Finally I can sign up for my gym

Yes, I have finally decided to sign up for gym. I don’t know if its a good decision. I’m not motivated to run around neighbourhood. And some people told me gym is good, some told me don’t waste money. So yeah, I’m not sure. But I’ve been very frustrated and annoyed with how fat flabby unfit (FFU) I am. I’m paying for motivation I guess. Women’s gym. Need to be toned and fit again!!!

#4. I can start planning for a travel trip again!

I will be going for a holiday in June but not sure where so when 8TH May comes, I can start planning for a good trip and get really excited over it 😀 Damn. Now I’m already excited. Wanted to go Hong Kong cos’ it has to be our annual trip every year but W only prefers it during its winter ): Means no summer shopping for me…. But I might consider Australia or Bangkok or….. I don’t know. Anywhere! 8TH MAY JUST COME AND I’LL BE SO HAPPY HAHA.

OK now that I’ve listed all the reasons to be excited for, I should be more motivated to study better now. Bye for now! I realized I only talk a lot on my blog, but I have been speaking very little words these few days ): Haha well, I used to only talk to Wilson like every night, vomitting 20,000 words to him and he seems like the only one I can actually really talk to without feeling judged and who really understands me. At least I got time to blog now and it can contain all my opinions (: Either ways, I’m happy.

Have a great week ahead, and lucks to everyone having their exams too!



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