Yesterday was one of the most demoralizing day in my University life. Despite telling y’all the good news about my blog entry, nothing else went well in the day.

As I’ve said a million times, I suck at maths and numbers! No interest, no brains, no clue about it! So that’s why I took Business Marketing (I would have gone for Mass Comm if my dad didn’t disagree) but who knew, we had to tackle so many mathematics modules before going into the REAL marketing modules. So I didn’t do well for my econs in my first semester, that’s fine. I didn’t understand a thing!

This semester, we got business stats and management accounting for our numbers paper. Honestly, I’m too weak in it, I was called ‘stupid’. But whatever. I don’t really care if people call me stupid just cos’ I don’t understand these subjects. If they are given a mass comm module in return, then we’ll see who’s the dumber one then.

I studied like mad for my Business Stats. Like throughout the week and the weekend and even the day before the exam, I sat at the desk from 2pm – 3am?!?! By then, I was confident I can pass with credit after doing all the practice question. However, the table turned when I was reading my exam paper.


I got so upset and disappointed after spending so much time studying for this paper and only realized everything I studied wasn’t gonna be useful anymore. I just wanted to cry at that point of time. Flip table, tear my exam paper into pieces and just cry – that was what I wanna do. It’s not like I didn’t even study and I’m gonna fail. Feedback from everyone else was the same. Nobody knew this format.

Why does RMIT SIM even let us sit for such paper?

Lecturer did not even prepare us for such format.

NO excel sheet was given or taught. He only asked us to practice that stack of question paper which we had to purchase from the library. Fine, we bought it, spent 10002000 hours doing it and now, surprise? I don’t care about the freaking money spent on that cheap question paper! It is MY TIME that was worth that $1.5k re-taking a module. I could have spent my time focusing on other modules!

I really pray for a moderation. This is just not fair and I’m still so upset about it. I tried so hard and I get a bad mark just cos’ we weren’t told it was gonna be like that and the question papers asked to practiced wasn’t even exam-questions.

If this semester’s results are gonna take a toll on me, I’m really gonna consider changing course and defying my dad – Well, he never listens anyway. He always just want people to do what he think is best. But maybe, what he think is best for me, is just gonna make him feel better but make me feel like crap. Back to Mass Comm, where I wouldn’t be struggling everytime I think about studying.


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