If you ever followed my blog, or pop by once… or twice…. or thrice….

I wrote an entry about how to be a gracious commuter on public transport and make it a better ride for everyone. It was dated on 16th March, more than a month ago. It is my passion to write and I thought, hey it wouldn’t kill to join this contest to write up an entry like that.

I don’t think highly of my blog. Like I’m not any superstar blogger like those blogger I admire – Xiaxue for example. (Don’t judge me!) She’s really good and ++ she love pink too! Ok, so I don’t think highly of my writing and it’s really passion that I enjoy writing and I can write foreverrrrrrrr…….. So after I wrote that entry for LTA, which is hosted by Nuffnang, I told Wilson, “Wow…. If only I can win the first prize….. $1200…. That’s like almost a month’s salary! And winning for my passion for writing, no sweat somemore. DAMN worth it. But if I win Merit $100, also shiok already!”

That’s what I told Wilson. With little hopes then.

But as days and weeks past, whenever I see the LTA posters in public transport, I felt alittle sad, cos’ I got no reply on whether I won anything at all so I thought they didn’t pick me.


Ok my reaction was abit slow cos’ I was intensely studying for Business Stats so while reading this email on my phone, what only made me read it was cos’ it was from Nuffnang and I saw “Congratulations” but the bolded words didn’t occur to me at all! Until my friend xy asked me if it’s first prize. HAHAHA Then I went to see.


I went to double confirm, JUST INCASE it’s false hope.

It’s on the Nuffnang website! 😀 That’s me! Hahaha first time seeing my blog URL somewhere. Hehe I’m so honored and thankful! Thank you, Nuffnang! 😀

I had to immediately call my momma and text Wilson in Taiwan to tell them this surprise! 😀 Well, sorry I know I act as if I won $1 million but this IS alot of money to me already + I won it with my own efforts (: I’m so happy.

If you would like to read the entry that won me this prize, you can click here.

Thank you to all my readers (if I have any!) for reading my blog. Although it might be all rants sometimes or just nonsense. Haha. Just so you know, it’s the genuine me. I like to talk a lot… in words.

Next entry, my favourite sunglasses! – Sorry, I know I owe that since Sunday but the books got into me…. It’s too hard to juggle time now. By this weekend! Promise!




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