My favourite sunglasses

Anything you can put on your body to beautify yourself is every girl’s favourite!

It will be weird if a girl don’t like accessories. Even if you are not girly, you will at least put on a nice leather watch and maybe a simple earring or necklace. Well, for me I love accessories but I toned down a lot from my exaggerating ding-dang-dongsss on my arms. I used to have like bangles stacking themselves on my arms and rings after rings on every finger. But I guess ever since I played touch rugby, the hassle to remove all that stuff before training and putting it back after I shower in school has got me a little lazier to put them on and every time I dress up in the morning, I will think twice about wearing an extra bangle or necklace. Knowing I have to remove them for safe keeping. Haha!

But I still use them now every now and then. And one of my favourite other than bangles and earrings/necklaces are sunglasses! 😀 Well, you can never go wrong buying them especially when you are in sunny hot hot SINGAPORE! And as we get older (girls!), no we do not age like wine so we really need to take care of our skin. (It’s so weird coming from me)

I promised this entry about my favourite sunglasses from my workplace (: You may have the same sentiments too!

First of all, MY ESSENTIAL FAVOURITE (which I actually reserved and about to buy it)

Ray bans aviators – everyone has this

I know, I don’t have this. Kinda slow in trend but I just couldn’t find the right one that can match me!

Love the gold rims and gold reflective mirror lenses

2nd favourite in my list that I HAVE to always try them on whenever I work, despite the 100 times I already tried the same pair….


If you are into fashion, you will know about this brand. But if not, don’t worry. You will fall in love with the glasses without even knowing them! Love at first sight!

One of my top favourite from the collection

And the very popular tortoise shell.

The all-time favourite oldies that your grandpa might have…

The frogskins! I love the outstanding colours! It’s neon and so bright!

And the very popular sportsman oakleys 

I wanna get this for Wilson, he looks so good in it!

All the team USA and striking colours

The very futuristic NOOKA

Very unique Karen Walkers, I love the quality of these handmade sunglasses


And ending off with the exclusive Juliets

Those are my particular few favourites and some of them are just shared because they are common favourites, like the oakleys! Sorry if the photos aren’t very professional or very sharp because credits to the photographer ME (; I went around snapping photos with my digital camera when nobody was in the shop.

What are your favourite kind of sunglasses? Are they exactly the same as what I posted? (:

A girl can never go wrong with any accessories on them!

Haji Lane cat!

So if you are wondering where you can find those sunglasses that I have posted online, here are the information.

Have a good week ahead!


Define Happiness (D.H. SUNGLASS)
69 Haji Lane
Singapore 189262

Contact Us
(Call) +65 62980840
(SMS) +65 93377993

Mon – Sat: 1pm – 8pm
Sunday: 1pm – 7pm

One comment

  1. Sunglasses are awesome and I love them. I owned 3 pairs and they are all serve different purposes. Oakley for sports attire, Prada for work and act cool rich kid look and a ridiculous looking white Carrera avatar shade for those “Not a single f**k is given” days… Over here in Munich, summer is coming and I have already brought out all my sunglasses. They are polished with love and is glistening ready to be used! Can’t wait!

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