10th May is here!

This is the day I’ve been waiting for!

All’s good now. Exams over, signed up for a gym membership yesterday – to get back my fitness and stamina for TOUCH RUGBY – Sailorboy is coming home today (YAYAYAYAYAY FINALLY!)….  my life is going back to normal.

This semester’s exam period is really bad for me. It dragged for the longest 1 month. I hate it. I had sleepless night, worrying about my papers, sleeping at 4am everyday for 3 weeks. Check out my PANDA EYEBAGS……… Seriously out of control! I’m really so relieved it’s over but it’s not comforting enough to remember that I still got many more semesters to go.

I’m quite encouraged by a new friend I met yesterday, at Zouk. Hahaha. Okay I know it wouldn’t be convincing cos’ it’s Zouk -.- But yeah, I was sober and all on the way home, he told me something which hit me. “Never think you’re any stupid to do anything. Never let someone tell you that cos’ you are not.” I think that’s really true. Some part of me knows I can’t do everything that someone else can do… And I may not be the smartest person. I guess the constant thought of trying to achieve great big things has been bugging me and it suddenly just hit me. Why try so hard to be somebody you are not?

Well, I guess true friends will accept me for who I am. Well, if they don’t,  they usually take the door on the right that says “Emergency Exit”. Haha. Life’s good now… I’m finally settled down. Watching movies in bed, youtube videos and just not worrying about books or exams. I’m dead beat.

I got annoyed recently with some people. I don’t understand how some people can start some shit with you and at the end, they make it seems like it’s all your fault and you were the one who started all that rumour shit, when it was part of their doings too? Seriously…… I’m having so much doubts now.

Ok, I’m so excited for W’s return later today! But got kinda sad he said it’s gonna be another 2 shitty weeks to come since he’s gonna be away again. That’s like a month + 1 week! Gonna make the weekends count! I miss having him, my best friend.. my everything, by my side talking and sharing our lives together.

Alright, I’m still uploading Bali photos! Sorry for the late late post.

Here’s a very nice interesting photo I took yesterday at Tampines!

It’s so pretty in the sky! Everyone actually stopped and took photo of it so I guess facebook and instagram might have already showed this photo.

Alright, I’m waiting for my brother to come home with my comfort food aka fishball soup. I dropped my house keys in Joshua’s car yesterday night so I’m kinda locked in. Haha the funny part was when I told him, I can come over to collect it but no, I can’t actually get out of my house now. Hahahaha. Ok bye! A real entry up soon, promise!



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