I’m amazed and you’re the reason why

Is this a shop? …. A flea market shop? ……



No! It’s my shopping bag from Taiwan :D:D:D

BUT it’s not what I shopped from Taiwan cos’ I haven’t been to Taiwan. They are presents that W bought back for me while he was there for a 3-weeks sailing mission! It looks like Christmas/Birthday came early this year (: It’s everything a girl could ever ask for! (Plus, the effort that a boyfriend would give to shop for his girlfriend… It’s so rare cos’ usually the girls prefer shopping and the guys rather wait on the couch.. But my boyfriend did it!) Honestly, my boyfriend is a better shopper than me and he shops way more than me! Hahahaha. Although it always seem I come home with more stuff, it’s because guys clothes are always more expensive!

I’m so touched by his actions. It’s not about being materialistic (yes, I know girls always want lots of clothes and shoes BUT this is too many!) I’m not complaining but I’m just so touched and appreciative of his gestures of dedicating his 3 weeks shopping for me. He calls me almost everyday whenever he can and we will talk for an hour or so until someone else in his ship is queuing for the phone and we feel bad hogging it. Sailorboy’s just too awesome!

When he came back on Thursday night, words cannot describe how I feel when I was waiting for his cab to turn into my house. I couldn’t hold my smile when I saw a guy wearing a white charming Navy uniform at the passenger seat of the cab. My heart was beating so fast from full blast excitement and my smile was from EAR-TO-EAR 😀 I was really REALLY happy. My 3 weeks have come to an end. I remember dreading it when he had to leave, then I remembered feeling so lifeless like something’s missing when he was not around and then suddenly, he is back! I can’t be any happier.

3 weeks was mad for me, time passed fast when I was studying but slow, whenever I think about him. When he came back, we had actually 3 days to spend together before he went for another 4 day sailing (today till thursday). Definitely miss waking up beside him and smelling his morning breath (hahahaha!) Friday I invited him over to my University friend’s house (: We had some gathering and we had a fun late night together! Saturday night was jiehui’s birthday at New Majestic Hotel.

And we decided to do something super impromptu! I was surprised he actually did it with me. Hehe. We got back to his house cos’ we didn’t drive to the birthday party and XH gave us a lift. Then we decided to drive over back to Cineleisure to watch Avengers, it was 2am by then! We caught the 2.45am show and it was a lovely drive to Town at that hour which doesn’t make sense with the light drizzle 😀 It just reminded me of when I was 17 and 18. Doing silly things that doesn’t make sense but just feel happy doing it at that point of time. It was the first time we did something so random in the middle of the night. It was exciting indeed 🙂 Got home at 6am and only slept at 7am. Awesome Saturday!

Sunday was Mother’s day. We slept through the whole afternoon, lying in bed watching movies and teevee. It’s another awesome Sunday! Had dinner with my mom and brother at our favourite Korean bbq buffet restaurant at Katong. Then it was home sweet home with him till the next morning at 530am when he kissed me goodbye till I see him on Thursday (:

That’s about it. My lovely 3 days spent with W. One of the happiest moments of my life!

I wouldn’t ask for more.



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