Back in Action!

Yeap, it is the holidays which I have been waiting for. So far so good. As y’all know, W came back from his long long long long Taiwan trip but he isn’t exactly back, back. He has been away for the 2 weeks due to his other sailing mission. Yeah I miss him a lot this whole month! April and May is probably the only two months I have seen him the least since we started dating.

I’m trying to come out with things to keep myself busy so that I won’t have any free time to ‘let the mind run wild and dangerous’ (; And I’ve been ranting about wanting to come back to play my favourite oval ball and how I miss the rugby field and all… So if you are wondering, yes, I’m finally getting back on the nice rugby astro turf!

RP Rainbows Alumni – Me + My seniors + Taufiq Terence + Coach Adam

Played friendlies against the Little Rainbows last Friday evening. It was nice having to dive onto the field, having familiar black syntactic rubber slide into your clothes and skin. Well, my back isn’t like fully recovered – And it will never be. I guess it’s an injury that will stay but it’s not gonna stop me from playing what I really have the passion for! It did hurt abit after I dived a few times but it didn’t hurt the next day at all! So I guess it’s a pretty good sign (: Besides, the feeling of diving for a try is priceless!

And while playing, I met my SAC junior aka Youth Olympic Weightlifter (wooottt strong girl!), Jamie! 😀 I tell you…. I didn’t even have to see her carry weights but when she played touch and I was her attacker….. Oooshhh her touch was, Strong! Hahahaha. But she’s so cute, don’t underestimate her cute small frame haha.

Another photo to ‘try’ to act as small and cute like her, but fail terribly! Hahaha.

Well, my rugby weekend did not stop there. The following early morning, I went down to coach little kids at East Coast Park! It was really early and W was so nice to give me a ride to ECP despite him having to rush for his friend’s wedding :”) It’s been a long time since I coached… The last one was at West View Primary with Claudia. Those kids were so naughty it was a nightmare :/ But the kids I coached on Saturday were so cute! We split them into 2 groups; Durians and Apples (according to their favourite fruit) and this little girl, Natasha came to me and said in her angelic voice “Can you be in the durian group with me?” *insert puppy eyes*

OF COURSE YES! HAHAHAHA. Sorry, I got a soft spot for kids who do that… Puppy eyes and angelic voice. Like how Sarah always do it too. Haha!

So we ended the session with a photo taking by all the parents. And TADA!

The cute little girl in the middle wearing white cap is Natasha. She’s gonna grow up to be a fine feminine lady!

I’m uploading photos from my impromptu weekend with Sailorboy. We actually went to Clarke Quay on Saturday night, without having plans about it at all and we went to club. HAHAHA just the two of us, I can’t believe it. But it was fun and memorable! 😀

Ok entry up tomorrow morning!



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