If Happy Ever After do exist

So, you know couples… They go for movies, watch teevee on the couch with potato chips, go for picnics, go shopping, fine dining and do anything under the sun. Some couples do get easily bored of each other doing the same’o routine. Not for Wilson and I! We always like to chill out at home, watch teevee and cook up a meal 😀

What’s even more interesting about us that I love the most – Our random impromptu enthusiasm. I love us! We are always hyped up to do anything so damn random, it’s really exciting and fun. Once, we did our damn random 2am movie drive to town just to watch ‘The Avengers’ – Ok it doesn’t make sense and it’s an 18-year-old fun but at that time, he was going to sail again and we thought it beats more than ‘sense’, it’s something priceless to spend time together watching this blockbuster!

So last Saturday, we got busy with our own stuff in the day. He had to be a sword bearer for his friend’s wedding, I had coaching then we met at town and walked the whole town before we decided to head back. On the way back, we saw Jason’s and decided to pop by.

I like this supermarket so much! It is unlike the normal Market Place. It gives me the feeling as if I am overseas in Australia or something. Then we walked and shop and got our best buy!

Everyone loves Reese puffs for breakfast, right?

We got to the car and went home thinking what should we do for the night. While we were idling in the room, we jumped out and decided, “Let’s go have seafood and drink tonight!” We quickly got changed and took a train to Clarke Quay. I always enjoy my train/bus experience with Wilson because it is so rare that it makes it pretty special. Haha. That was my 3rd time in the train with him. Don’t mention bus, I don’t think we ever took a bus together YET.

I had cravings for mussels and seafood so we went to MOOLS Bar.

 The mussels beat Brussel Sprout’s HANDSDOWN. Omg. It was so good we were both savouring the sauce till the plate was dry! We had baby ribs and lamp chops too. We agreed on being 70% full cos’ we didn’t want to be pathetic pukers after drinking.

The mussel in white wine. I didn’t take photos of baby ribs and lamb chop with my camera cos’ my camera was low batt by then so I used my phone and I haven’t uploaded them.

We couldn’t wait to DIG IN!

We went around Clarke Quay to see which club we should settle in. Attica and Zirca were crazy crowded and since it’s only 2 of us, it really make no sense squeezing there so we decided to go back to my old love, The Arena!

I used to go there alot in my poly days. Its like my pre-drinks before I head to PLAY. Hahaha those were the days. I like this club personally cos’ of the nice ambience and the all-time R&B all night! What’s best is they don’t close at 3am but 6am! That’s what we need when we are all high with alcohol, there is no time in the world.

No idea but we were pretty happy high by then. Cannot believe its just two of us having our night out! It was really fun and unforgettable ^^

Then around 2am, XH and Annan dropped by to join us after their soccer game. It was fun, playing with the dice but because Wilson and I had quite alot to drink before they came, I felt so bad whenever we tried to shuffle our dice in that container, our dices always fly everywhere on the floor without us knowing and Annan had to go find and pick them up for us. Haha.

Wilson’s secondary school mates!

We were pretty entertained by the table next to us, they were all drunk and high and this chinese girl just let a guy friend of hers caress her and touch her like any possible part then she went on to her other guy friend and that other guy did the same. Geez. Well, we weren’t very high at that point of time to notice all these and we all just laugh it off.

I like Arena’s live band and I met two of them when I came out of the ladies. It was abit scary because I could see they were some sort high… Like, more than alcohol kinda thing but yeah. One of them made me promise I would dance with him after he performed and all. Well, you know whenever you make promises at the club, you cannot depend on it (;

Went home at 6am, I was the ultimate winner (excluding XH and Annan) because Wilson ended up puking all our baby ribs and lamb chops at the end. Hahaha. I remember just laughing at him at the foot of his house and I went like, “YES IM THE WINNER BABY!!!” Hahaha. Fun times.

I hope there’s many more of these random nights to come!



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