Bali 2012 (Part 1)

I’m so sorry everyone! Here’s my long awaited entry on my Bali trip early this year I promised. Was too busy doing so many things at hand and didn’t have time to compile photos for an entry. Ok, no more waiting! Here you go.

This is my 2nd trip to Bali. The first time I went was with my family and we stayed in Hard Rock Hotel. Really nice 5* hotel,  recommended for family stay but personally I like a normal rustic villa.

We took KTM airlines to Bali. It’s my first time taking KTM and their service is so good! Infact, it’s comparable with SQ airlines, or even better. The food was awesome, service was commendable. The stewards and stewardess were all pretty old, unlike SIA who has a strict young age rule. They had perfect service, looking into your eyes when they ask you if you want food or anything. *thumbs up*

Besides their service which is good…

The food is DOPE! Wished I could ask for more… (I need to stop eating like a pig!)

Okay we were gonna stay at our villa as planned but because our trip was REALLY last minute – We only decided to go Bali like 3 days before the trip. Must understand that my boyfriend hardly gets his off days so I’m always EVER-READY! But however, we had no flights for the day we planned to go so we had to go one day earlier but we couldn’t change our accomodation for our villa cos’ we booked before we even got the flights (haha don’t learn from us!) So hence, we had to book a really last minute room the night before our flight haha.

Managed to get a good deal at this nice comfy resort.

We stayed at Amadea Resort & Villas for the temporary night. We explore around to familiarize with the roads so we can ride on our motorbike at ease. Didn’t take much photos that night cos’ my camera was dead by then and it was close to 11pm by then.

In the morning. This path is usually for the bungy to take guests to the reception from the front gate but we decided to walk.

Silly boy, trying to make my day cos’ I looked dissatisfied from the food.

“Meow”, he said.

The buffet was nothing special, normal food. When it comes to travelling, I’m quite picky and choosy with my accommodation, service and food. So if I compliment something, it is usually very good! If not, nothing special or I’d say how bad it is. We didn’t eat much for the breakfast because some of the food wasn’t tasty and nice. Decided to save our stomach for other stuff and besides, we were gonna move to our PLANNED VILLA in the noon. So we went for a fast road trip just to be around Bali’s air.

Our first gas for our road racer for the trip!

While exploring, we found this secluded beach.

Mud bath.

Wanted to do some shopping but the weather was too hot for us to even think. While walking we decided, forget it. We need a drink!

Our baby.

Riding back home to take our luggage and wait for transfer to our villa.

Since we had our bike and we also had transport to the villa cos’ we don’t know how to go, I took the transport van alone while Wilson took the bike and ride behind our van.

Welcome drink – We’re HERE! We were really excited. Finally out of the normal plain boring hotel room. THIS is our kind of life.

Okay the villa blew us away. Seriously.

My Panoramic shot


Wilson couldn’t take it, the moment we opened the front door, our jaws dropped and we went, “NO SHIT…..” Then Wilson took off his clothes and jumped into the pool. *SPLASH* That’s my baby. Well, for me, I had to go around taking photos. Hahaha.

The bedroom

Think we were in a honeymoon suite. Haha.

The sea-lion.

The living room – it will be good if they had like cold fan or air-con. Haha. Bali is crazy “dehydrating-ly” hot! The heat eats into your energy!

Okay introducing to you the BIGGEST bathroom!

Roses in my bathtub, romantic!

2 showers, one normal and one rain shower!

So… how do you bathe if you are spoilt for choices?!

Shall let you go think about that (; So it’s our first day but we were so overwhelmed by the villa, we didn’t wanna go out of our villa to find anything to do cos’ we got EVERYTHING to do in our own villa.

I love all the villas I have ever stayed in cos’ they always write love letters to me.

So we went for swimming and tanning.

This silly boy.

Our kitchen

What’s best about our kitchen, we CAN cook but we don’t need to. The best deal was every morning – There will be breakfast delivered to our house. AND not only delivered, they will come into our house and cook for us. Fresh! Hot! Big breakfast! I will fill y’all up with the photos of our personal breakfast cooks!

After toasting ourselves in the sun, we took the bike for a ride. We didn’t want to plan any activities yet, we just wanna chill out, take it slow and enjoy whatever we find along the way.

Want a ride? (;

Saw a street stall, Wilson loves this kinda food and honestly, if I never meet him, I will never get to try all these street food cos’ my family would think this is very ‘dirty’ and most prolly get a stomachache after that. But since I met Wilson, I have been to so many pasar malam (ok sounding like I lost a childhood but pasar malam was perceived dirty too), street food… And my stomach got so much stronger! Thanks to my willybaby :*)

This is some GOOD STUFF! No idea what it i but I like the clear glass noodles with this shiok sauce and chilli!

We decided to go for a good romantic dinner by the popular jimbaran beach – Popular for it’s sunset dinner, however we missed sunset so only got there at night. That’s fine cos’ nothing beats eating by the beach.

They had live performers or more like baskers, performing for each table and they are very good! They see which country you are from and they sing a song your country can relate to. The food was okay. If you buy the tour package for the sunset dinner, I would say the dinner isn’t nice. You get like the most basic and boring food from the menu. So I would recommend you to do ala carte and not buy any tour package. Overall, the atmosphere was perfect, food can be improved.

We went back to our villa, and to our surprise, they have EXTREMELY GOOD service! We went back to get out helmets and freshen up so we can go for a ride around the town and we found….

Refreshments for the night, before we sleep.

Okay even though it’s only 2 small cute biscuits, it’s really thoughtful. I’m very impressed with the service. We had sweet tooth after that and while roaming the streets in our bike, we dropped by an ice cream parlour with another good service and attitude to tourist (;

Spoilt for choices

Look at the enormous serving! For the first time, we couldn’t finish our ice cream.

After that, back to the villa for our usual midnight swim, chill by the poolside with beer and watching teevee. I shall work on my second entry and post it up later! More exciting activities for Part 2, so stick around (:

Meanwhile, after writing and looking back at my bali trip, I had the urge to hear one of my favourite beach song! Hope you guys like it.




    1. Hi, sorry I can’t remember cos’ it was quite awhile back and my memory sucks. But bali villas are all very cheap. You should go check any villa out, it will be worth the price paying for the big house!

  1. Hey, I plan to have a short getaway when I am back in Singapore. Would you recommend this and do you have a website where I can arrange these stuff?

    1. Hey Melvin!

      Yes I would recommend this if you are looking for a nice villa to relax in and have activities to do at the beach. For nice yummy food, I would recommend Phuket. Bali is better for accomodation. And you can arrange these accomodation via any online website like agoda! It’s really cheap (:

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