Bali 2012 (Part 2)

Continuing from my previous entry of my Bali Trip

As promised, I’ll show you the photos of my morning breakfast with very nice door-to-door cook.

Tables nicely laid out

Cooking our meals

If only life’s this good in reality!

Bring back their utensils while we have our breakfast

So today we decided to get out of our palace and soak up the sun and do some activities. We decided to go to Turtle Island! The previous time I visited Bali with my family, we went to alot of places, attractions and sightseeing places. But this time, since Wilson didn’t like sightseeing places, we had a more chill-out trip.

Our driver and the guy

We tried something extra-ordinary this time! 😀 As y’all know, I’m embarrassed to say I’m hydro-phobic AKA afraid of water. Hence, I can’t swim. But it’s strange how much I love the sea and I always wished I could go diving. But the fear in me just won’t go away when I am in the water and I cannot afford to panic when I’m diving  if not I might just die. SO… We did something that replaces diving. SEA-WALKING.

Suit up!

I don’t have photos of us underwater cos’ it’s too expensive and it’s not worth it. Just memories of my experiences in my head is good enough!

Tada! This is under water walker. We got to walk on the seabed, touch all the sea creatures and feed them too! It was amazing, my best experience underwater (: Sad to say that cos’ it wouldn’t be better than real diving but I’m rly thankful Wilson  wanted us to do this.

Parasailing! Love this!

Then it was time for snorkelling!

I remember the first time I went snorkelling at Krabi, I cried cos’ the waves were so strong and my hydrophobia took the best of me. But now… I’M LIKE A PRO HEHEHEHE (only with Wilson around!)

You can see the fishes below!

Wilson keep making fun of my retarded face when I suck onto the snorkelling gear

Next, we headed to Tortoise Island! 😀 Or known as Turtle Island.

Wilson loves sea turtles but I’m not a big fan of it. I don’t like the reptiles colour and the scales they have on their body. But he loves it, so it was really nice seeing him so happy carrying them.

The previous time I came here, the water wasn’t so deep. Ok here’s a photo of my first trip to Bali with my family!

Ok this is a photo about 3 years ago.

Went around feeding the tortoise, they didn’t seem so hungry then. But now…….

Check out the water level! I guess cos’ the turtles got bigger and multiplied!

And their hunger games… We were taking photo until they started to be so aggressive and snatch the food from my hand. And what went worst was…

They started to eat me! I’m NO TURTLE FOOD HONEY…… But I got 3 turtle bites on my thigh and ankle. It was damn painful, I started screaming and running out. I really felt like crying then but damnit, all those people just sit around watch me scream and squirm and they just said, “it’s good luck when the turtle bite you.” Seriously?

Okay shall not spoil the turtle atmosphere.

He sure was happy!

Met a Caucasian lady with awesome tattoos!

Bad tortoise!

This is one HUGEASS TURTLE. Imagine all of them crowding around you for food…..

Like this.

So after this, I ran out and never gonna come back to see these sea turtles. I hope nobody else gets eaten next time!


Wilson was pretty scared of this snake. They taped its mouth together and it looks pretty upset about it. Haha I didn’t even want to carry it. I hate the scales on them :/

Love this photo, looks like the eagle is smiling (:

Went back with a swollen thigh. It’s a damn painful pinch.

FOOD TIME! The hungry monsters went to find some shiok food…

And we went shopping after that. Got alot of stuff and our legs were tired and it was almost late so….

Willy says….


And just before we ended out night, we had to rush back cos’ we actually have an dinner appointment at our villa at 10.30pm. But we got lost on the way back. You know how Bali roads all looks the same? Haha thank God for technology. I got my ipad with me so we managed to get out of circles and got back safely using my GPS  and were actually lost for 1 hour! It was 11.30pm when we got home, we were supposed to have candlelit dinner ): But the villa were so nice, they still prepared for us despite the kitchen being closed by then. We were shocked when we entered the villa….

We came into the villa and saw this.



It was like a lifetime experience. Perfect.

Then we ended the night with a nice swim or soak in the pool for me.

Love this silly boy.

Alright, I’ll need to head to the gym now. I will leave my Part 3 for the weekends! It’s JUNE and it’s a happy month! I’m going to Goldcoast on the 11th June and batam this weekend hehehe more travel updates soon!



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