Meet my new toy – NIKON 1

Heeellloo! Been pretty busy that I have no time to really go online and write about what has been going on. But in a good way I guess (: I have been catching up with friends (yay, plus 1 point to my social life!), busy working to have a balance in life and lastly….. Been indulging in too much good food!

I will share with you more on the food I’ve been indulging recently in the next post since I do not have my camera with me.

Yesterday, as y’all know it was the IT Show. Well, I don’t really wanna go there and squeeze in the crowd just to look around. But I was actually there, looking for a DSLR, unarmed with any information or research and in actual fact, got lost with the amount of technology!

It was SO crowded and I was surprised. Ok, not surprised that it was crowded but maybe more surprise that it was SUPERRRR CROWDED even on a Friday? I thought Singaporeans would wait till the last day to grab all the freebies and goodies and cheap prices. Not for me, I cannot stand the crowds and the stench. So I was there, walking around finding the cameras I guess would be good. Well, Canon was the most recommended by most of my friends because they said it’s a good basic starter kit. I think it depends on personal preference.

Yes, I agree Canon is well-known for it’s cameras. Super good photo quality. In fact, I’ve been a Canon fan since young. Personally, I love the Canon Ixus Series.  My first camera (and my all-time favourite model) I bought for myself in secondary school after saving what-felt-forever, was the Canon Ixus 80IS. I know it’s a really old model that in a few years, it stopped manufacturing already.

Until now, this camera is my favourite. I have sentimental values for this camera. The physical outlook of the camera really attracts me so much. I love the sheer baby pink colour and the very squarish body.

Ok, if you’re wondering since I love this camera so much, why did I change to other cameras? Well, the answer is I never intended to change to any other camera once I got this BUT I had no choice. I was shopping with my family in Jusco Malaysia when I got pickpocket. The person apparently open my zip in my bag and took my camera out and flea. I guess he/she must have been watching me very tightly to know my camera was inside since I always took it out to take photos everywhere. The theft fled with my camera, without zipping my bag. It was very depressing for me then. I saved so much ($400 then) just to buy this camera I liked so much and at that time, I didn’t have much allowance at all.

I’ve got a very clingy personality to my technology gadgets that I purchase. Unlike clothes or bags or shoes, my gadgets have the most emotional attachment and I’m very particular about them. So when my mom saw my zip was open and when I found my camera was missing, I panicked and started to run around the mall, tracing back where I went just in case I dropped it. By then, I was crying so badly and the whole car ride home my tears didn’t stop. I think it’s the first time my parents saw me so heartbroken. I remembered hoping it was a nightmare the next day but it wasn’t. My dad was very nice to offer to buy me a camera again but I found it my model was not manufacturing anymore!

Seeing his daughter so sad, he bought me another Pink Canon Ixus Camera.

Canon IXUS 95IS. By then, this was the latest model. I like the hot pink, but I didn’t like how much smaller it was compared to my old camera. Life goes on, so this was my camera for the longest time. It’s good. Canon is always good. What I didn’t like was the price. It’s good but really expensive.

The time for Canon in my life stopped when Wilson bought me a Sony Camera – The reason he bought me this camera was because when I joined him for dinner with his Navy friends, one of his friends was holding this camera and it was really cool.

This Sony camera has alot of different modes and I was really attracted to it! It is a huge jump from my Canon cameras as this is more advanced and it was more of what I was looking for then.

It is a REALLY good camera if you know how to play with the different mode. I’m really happy he bought me this camera 😀 I’m so lucky! It is actually one of the best digital camera I would say. Beats the two canon I had.

However, recently because I have been into close-up photography and I found interest in taking photos of my delicious food and nice places at night, I found this camera not meeting my expectations in terms of sharpness and how much light the camera lens can take in. So I brought up the topic of buying a DSLR but I didn’t know that we were THAT serious. Haha. We are flying off to Australia, Gold Coast on Sunday night and I wanted to take really sharp nice photos of everything.

That’s how we ended up at IT Show yesterday night. We walked around Canon, well, DSLR for Canon are all REALLY BIG. I know that’s a normal DSLR and I shouldn’t be complaining. But they are really pricey for Canon too. Saw Olympus, Fujifilm…. Had no impression of them except Olympus Pen but it’s too mainstream.

Then, I saw the perfect model. It caught my eye!

Nikon 1 😀

Firstly, the huge lens caught my eye. Then I realized, hey! The size is like a digital camera but it has a DSLR lens! OH It’s a DSLR! Then I stood there for 2 hours without knowing until they announced that the IT Show is closing. I bombarded the sales guy with 101 questions and lots of expressions. Haha. But he’s a really nice salesperson. Infact, very honest and frank which is good! I hate those dodgy, sales-driven guy who just want to sell their stuff and gives you all the bullcrap about their product when they just want you to take out your credit card and swipe!

Their colours bought me over! Being so predicable… You will know I like the Pink one (; But I also have an eye for the white and red one. Actually I was considering the pink and white secretly, but Wilson mentioned the Red which looks more like I take my photography seriously. I agree! If not people will really see my Pink camera as a serious toy. Hahaha. But it will be nice if I could own a Pink DSLR. Like a girl’s dream but I got the red and it’s also my favourite la! If I could buy all three colours and change the casing, that will BE IDEAL!

I couldn’t really accept the fact I REALLY got a DSLR until today. I think the feeling will settle in soon enough, and I am actually very very happy! 😀

So, how does the red look?

I can’t wait to actually use it for real tomorrow. First, my brother’s birthday celebration and after that, I will be flying off to Gold Coast immediately!!! YAY! I can’t wait to cook in our apartment and have a life there! My next post will be about my featured sunglasses (; Stay Tuned!

Have an awesome weekend everyone (:

Let the weekends begin!



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