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I haven’t been really writing much recently cos’ I was away for the past 8 days in Gold coast 😀 And I promise to fill you guys up with awesome photos and share with y’all my iternary in case you might want to head up there too!

Secondly, I actually haven’t stopped writing. I have been writing! But for my work (: My boss assigned me to help do a blog for the shop and to my surprise, it has been pretty successful so far. You will find the latest sunglasses we have brought in and also, featured sunnies that are gonna be the latest fashion talk!

You should go read them and you may request for any particular entry about a particular brand/specs you would like to know more or see!

Click here to read my write-ups about the latest sunnies or featured sunglasses

Just brought back all my junk and goodies and presents from Aussie, even Cody has his doggie snacks too! 😀 Shall upload photos now.




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