Switch in Generation 2012

The country I live in, Singapore, always surprises me with their daily news. I’m really amazed by how such things can happen – because I’d think it is unrealistic or maybe just too ‘abnormal’ for it to happen in our daily lives.

I love reading stomp.sg because it always amuses me with all the weird funny things that happen around us. However, now we don’t need to google for such sites anymore because Facebook connects everyone to every juicy news. How do you know it hits the juicy chart? Simple.

If it’s on juicy chart, you will see countless of ‘share’ from your friends. “David shared this article…. Kelly shared this article” And if it’s juicy enough for you, it will soon be “I shared this article”. Ha! True right?

I took my time off today to rest at home and adapt to being back in Singapore and forced myself to face reality. I came across this shocking ‘news’ and video which was already so popular on the social media. (yahoo… facebook… twitter… stomp…) I’m sure most of you saw it already, if not you can click here for the article and video.

*NOTE: This is purely my personal opinion, speaking my point of view and I have no relations to anyone in this video/news. No intentions of harming anyone or defaming anyone either. Thank you.

Honestly, if you ask me to be judgemental and stereotype the first thought that came to my mind when I saw the thumbnail of the video (which was the young girl’s face) – I actually thought the girl was at fault in this whole hoo-ha because you know…. usually younger ones are less mature sometimes.

But I was SURPRISED. No, it’s the old lady’s fault! It’s very disappointing to see this happening. Oh mahhh gawd, I cannot believe this day has come – to see elderly misuse the “priority” seating and taking advantage of it. It’s like their “status” of being an elderly has been taken granted for.

The whole situation was the young girl was sitting on the “priority” seat and this older lady entered the train. I think she had an injured leg but it wasn’t obvious because it was really crowded in the train and very hard to notice something behind the crowd. So maybe the young girl was occupied with her stuff, the older lady complained and asked the girl to give up her seat to her. The girl didn’t resist and gave up her seat to the lady.

BUT the story didn’t stop there (when it could). The old lady started to shout and accuse the young girl that “she must be from China!” Ok, she must have a lot of balls to proclaim such false accusation. In the first place, which part of that girl looks like it’s Made In China? I mean seriously….. that girl is chinese yes, but SO local – I can totally tell. And what’s with the shouting?

Then the older lady continued to accuse the young girl for punching her (she did not even touch her) and said, she got very offended by the young girl who kept staring at her. In the video, I didn’t catch the girl staring at all. I think I respect the girl was ignoring the old lady despite her shouting her head off and any-oh-how making false accusations. *salute*

The old lady had to make it worst and embarrass herself when she started to take her phone out to take a photo of the young girl. If she ever do that to me, I might get violent. That is really something that can be brought up to court! I mean, why is she even doing that?

She claims that she want to “put on New Paper and let everyone know what kind of person she is” -.- Lame. Just so she know, she don’t have to do that anymore because this video has gone viral and just by watching it and reading all the comments, everyone knows clearly who’s in the wrong!

In conclusion, this old lady has everyone disgusted by how she can misuse the “priority” seat and take advantage of it to shout at someone else. I wouldn’t want to judge all the elderly people because my heart always go out to them. But there ARE such people around who thinks that, “oh, I’m old and I’m an elderly so people SHOULD be giving way to me and giving me their seat.” Utterly selfish and arrogant thinking!

Yes, we should all be good commuters and give up our seat. But please do not make a huge fuss just because someone didn’t give up their seat and you had to ask them to give up the seat for you. If that person didn’t want to give you the priority seat after you asked, then it’s fine you blow your head off.

But in this sitation…. Sorry, 1:0!

ONE point to the young girl + alot of respect for her patience and ZERO to the older lady.


It’s gonna be a long long day tomorrow at work and I have to think about how to fly from Haji Lane to Bukit Timah :/ :/

Signing off now, dream awayyyyy!


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