My holidays are approaching the end….

Back-to-school Resolutions
#1. Wake up whenever my alarm calls me
#2. TRY not to skip school no matter how tired I am
#3. Sleep before 12am everyday
#4. Pay good attention in class
#5. Find a buddy in school who can teach/motivate me
#6. Eat lesser, spend lesser in school
#7. Go for trainings and don’t miss class the next day
#8. Bring all my materials for school (except textbook)
#9. Talk lesser, Listen more.
#10. Study everyday except for work days on Mondays

…. Ha ha ha. I can’t resist chuckling to myself when I typed them out.

QUITE a list for my school resolutions. Sometimes I wonder why do I always make hard promises to myself when I know it’s close to impossible. Oh kids. It’s only 1pm now and I already had quite a morning – It’s very unusual for me to accomplish so many things in the morning.

I went for Pilates at my gym this morning. I am surprised by HOW UNFIT I AM. So much for toning and learning to be flexible, how that has gone down the drain. I should really come more often for classes. After 1 hour of pilates, my muscles were shaking and I was exhausted. My mom, surprisingly, the petite Mrs Lim, told me to wait for her while she do one set of weights and cardio. ?!?!?! Now, that really embarrasses me :/ I look like a grandmother and she’s my daughter.

Yup, this tells a lot about me. Age is just a number, I’m aging inside!!! Heeelppp!

And this was the exercise that killed me at the end.

All my ‘qi’ and energy left my body as I moved my hips up and down.. and up.. and down and up and down and *piakkkkkk* my flabs landed on the mat and I just want to sleep. Haha. I don’t understand why my body is so heavy… My arms were shivering when I was lifting myself up and doing all the motions. I felt like telling my arm “STAY! BEHAVE!”

So here’s a typical photo of a camwhore in a gym, but a little special cos….

My mom’s in the photo! 😀

Ok, a very clear distinct difference between my mom and I. Our size. I’m nowhere near my height and the breadth of my body/arms… I think I can take her down if we were to wrestle :X Hahaha. Oh and let me share with you one of our stupid regret after gym…

After gym. Sheez.

Alright so that’s my Friday so far. And I’m only half way to my weekends 😀 My two lovely girlfriends are overseas. Mab went to Vietnam and Nicole at Brunei… Both places I haven’t been before but would love to go! Life’s good but they deserve the break since they are tired working adults. My friends are all growing up too fast while I’m still enjoying my little pocket life being stuck in a small girl’s world. Wake up call!

Oh and this week I haven’t been working cos’ my BFF (bffhhhhh pronouced as beefff according to Matthew)  is back from Aussie. So usually when he’s back, the routine is “be free the whole week”. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – Meet Matt.

Yup, that sums up for now. Editing my 1600 photos from my Gold Coast, not sure if you guys wanna see them. Maybe I’ll post some up!

Love out xx


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