Well… Hello!

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Love this oil painting of a Sailor girl. It’s so sexy yet cute. Yea, I wished I looked like that but no. My meter goes all the way down to negative. Sailorboy’s set off to sail today, again. I have so many things in my mind to tell him… about us but there always seem so little time to talk and all.

School’s tomorrow! BOOO!! Not excited at all. Timings suck. But it’s alright, I have found things to do before and after school. GYM – haven’t been going since BFF was back for the whole of last week. It was eating non-stop and bringing his pretty kiwi girlfriend around (: I quite like being a tour guide…. Might consider ha!

Recently, I have been SO hooked to Pinterest! Thanks to mab….. Introducing me to such social platform aka distractions. Have been working my remaining two days of “play”… Sigh. Money don’t come with enjoyment.


Can’t print my lecture notes or do anything substantial…. First world problems.

Off for XY’s birthday dinner at Mad for Garlic! 😀 Smelly burps, awayyyyy!



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