Make It Count in July

I have been inspired by a youtube video which my workmate showed me at work yesterday. It is a video named “Make it count” in relations to Nike Fuelband advertisement. “Life is a sport, Make it count”. This video was so nicely done, it is impossible for me to even do something like this – Though I wish I could travel the world and do crazy stunts too!


Amazing isn’t it? Well, do not expect this from me. Maybe in ten years time when I face mid-life crisis then I might consider leaving my life and live my new life out of a suitcase. Till then… I decided to do something else for the month of July!

Like how instagram has this “post a photo everyday” with different topics, I would like to write about little topics in my blog too! It could be a daily affair or not, about the great memories or the bad ones or maybe even a lesson learnt! I will start from my next entry tonight (: I guess these little things will help me appreciate life and everyone better – and also give me a better memory as I exercise my brains to recall.

You could do yours too and share it with me under my comments box or email! Make your everyday count in July!




  1. Hey Veek, this is an awesome video. I am glad that I have watched it. I totally agree that life is too short to live it safe. Yesterday, someone posted a quote from Joyce Meyer on facebook that goes something like if we spend all our time to do the right things, we will not have time to do the wrong things. The sentence is correct but I would like to point out that if we are always doing the right things, life would be so boring. To quote the incredibly talented (and always pissed) Jim Jefferies about what he thinks about people who don’t drink a lot “If you dont drink, then all of your stories suck and end with, And then I got home…”.

    I will do something crazy!

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